Have you seen my dreams?

Friday morning I was getting ready to go to the farm.

Husband chose to watch a documentary called Running the Sahara. Little J was not impressed, more then likely due to the lack of Diego in it fighting the rolling tumbleweeds. I rarely watch TV and never during the day. But I caught myself sitting down, intrigued and wanting to see what happens next. Yes, I ended up cutting my riding time short.

In case you have not seen it, this film is about 3 men running across 4,300 miles of African desert in 111 days to bring awareness to H2O Africa project. Needless to say the story is inspiring, the quest epic and the photography stunning. I have never ran in my adult years unless I was trying to catch the bus; but I felt like digging out my running shoes after seeing this movie.

Coincidently I spend the weekend pinning places I would love to one day visit for my Monday Listicle. Which all led me to think about my dreams. They used to be big and all revolved around traveling. Going places, seeing new wonders, trying new foods, meeting new people, learning new things. I had a map of the world as a child on my wall above the desk and memorized all the capitals and flags. I fantasized about the trips I will take and years I will spend away from home. In my head I played Amazing race even before it ever became a show.

My grandfather showed me all corners of my homeland. He taught me about the history, geography and politics of Europe. We would go to Venice on the weekend and drove across the Balkans on a whim. We hiked every mountain and picked mushrooms in every forest of Slovenia. We rode our bikes for hours around the capitol. He allowed me to go camping on my own before I was old enough to drive. I visited caves, climbed free style and hit the skiing slopes daily. By the time I was working I stepped on 3 continents. Then I became a flight attendant and ate dinner on a different continent every other week.

Today I dreamed about baking cookies.
I wish I could say it is the age, but I am in my thirties.
I wish I could say it is motherhood, but I have no qualms taking my son everywhere.
I wish I could say I am lazy, but I think I live an active lifestyle.
I simply have no dreams.

I like my days just the way they are. If somebody called me today asking to travel to Sahara to photograph Tuaregs I would love to go. But I do not seek any adventures on my own. I do not daydream about a perfect vacation, a physical challenge I want to achieve or a career I want to embark on. I am happy with everything just the way it is. Or have I stopped dreaming?

Have you set goals for yourself in the near future? Beside running across the desert and changing the world…

I found this in an unlikely place. All my photos were lost during one of our moves. And yes One Pink Chick, that is indeed a scrunchie. But that is a story for another day.

22 things I have done

This post is inspired by

Mama’s Losin’ It

Monday listicle

Even I, the ultimate idler used to put shoes on for work. Which makes me a subject expert for this week’s listicle. Feel free not to follow any of my advice and tell me all about it. Or submit a list of your own for me to publish. Click HERE for very detailed instructions on the latter.

Top 10 things to avoid doing on the plane

1) Flushing while sitting on the toilet
I know it seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many people feel compelled to do a courtesy flush half way into the toilet visit. Which is kind of sweet anywhere but on an aircraft.

2) Ring the call bell or ask for an upgrade
The flight attendant will visualize you flushing while sitting down if you do either. They have other important things to do; like gossip, reapply make up and check on the pilot’s marital status.

3) Ask a fellow passenger to swap seats so you can sit next to your significant other
Distance makes the heart grow stronger. If you are meant to be together forever, enjoy sitting apart for a few hours. You can tweet each other. Or sleep, that would make your crew so happy.

4) Have sex
Planes usually have a 45 minute turnaround, 20 of which is spend on cleaning, maximum. Are you sure you want your naked bum pressed against anything?! Do you really think those seat covers are ever washed, sinks scrubbed, walls cleaned?

5) Annoy the flight attendants or make lame jokes
These days they can claim you are a suspected terrorist and have you detained for the duration of your tropical holiday.

6) Apologize for your baby crying
This is perfectly acceptable. Unless you are in the toilet having sex, leaving the baby in the cabin. That is bad parenting. Unless you were responsible and left baby with daddy.

7) Waste your time complaining about the food or bad landing
Nobody cooks on the plane. And autopilot is hardly offended by your expert opinion on touchdown technics. If you want to hurt their feelings tell the crew about a great 12 hour sleep you had in your own bed last night.

8 ) Drink lots because it’s free and you are bored
Hangovers are worse with each 1000 feet. Tried and tested. That is why crew is always in a bad mood.

9) Tell the crew you will never fly their airline again
If your mother in law told you she is never coming to stay with you again because you failed to dust the chest of drawers in her room, would you cry? Need therapy and years to recover? Exactly.

10) Worry about the weather, emergency, plague or dying
After all your crew is trained to deal with it. It is like traveling with fire department, paramedics and emergency services rolled into one, wearing nice shoes and looking like the weather presenter. Just like them, there is nothing they can do about the weather either. But they care.