Bank talk

Remember last week when I talked about my son and his big plan on borrowing money from the bank?

For some reason I have now become popular as a source of knowledge on banking. I mean sure, I was able to explain to my four year old the basic concept on borrowing money from the bank and returning it with interest once you have made profit. For any more detailed information on banks I would suggest using websites like Know Your Bank, who can help you compare your local banks with all kinds of data and even reviews. In fact they have a page dedicated to glossary of financial terms like common stock ( not cows and sheep, the other kind ) and total deposits ( which is what my husband will be doing for the rest of his life according to Little J).

My husband will agree neither Little J nor I are subject experts when it comes to handling money.

Further more a while ago we were building a whole town with Legos, as we do often. Little J was in charge of the bank and he build a long road, some lights, a little ATM box and a gate. When I asked him where the rest of the bank is he looked at me baffled.

Little J: What do you mean the rest of the bank?

Me: You know, the building.

Little J: What building?

Me: Building, with doors and windows and offices inside.

Little J: Banks are in buildings?

Turns out I have never taken my son into a bank before. He thought driving through and picking up money from the ATM is banking…

As a special treat I took him with me the other day to make some deposits to a checking account. He loved it. The ladies told him he was handsome and gave him a pen. No ATM does that right?

The boy called Iron

Last time I fell off my horse,husband said we should look into a good life insurance for me. Not just any, but a 30 year term life insurance.

Life insurance is very important and for anyone who needs a physical exam in order to qualify for it 30 year plan is an ideal solution. Particularly if you have mortgage and want to secure an income once you pass away for the ones left behind. Mozdex is your one stop resource for an easy online quotes to find the best solution for you. It takes less time then brewing a cup of tea to fill out a form online and receive comparison quotes from leading insurance companies. And if like me you are young, the premiums are low and set for the duration of the 30 year plan.

But seeing how I am younger then my husband I can only assume he thinks I am going to die before him. Other then riding a warmblood there are many reasons why one would think I will not live to be hundred. I call a scone from drive through coffee shop lunch. The last time I went to the gym we still wrote 1999 on checks. Well we still wrote checks period! I sleep less hours a night then expected wait at the queue in DMV and I am convinced that cocoa is fruit and therefor chocolate is one of my five a day. At 2AM. Let’s be honest cocoa does grow on trees and has seeds right?

But the main reason I am possibly going to have a heart attack soon is my son. He never stops talking. EVER. Most of the time I listen. Or at least I try. His stories are very elaborate and long. We pull out of the garage and he will say: mommy, did you know? 35 minutes later he is still deep into his monologue as we arrive at our destination. Sometimes, not on purpose, I tune him out. I find myself thinking about what needs to be done and traffic and the prices of fuel and Presidential candidates and cupcakes. Then I randomly hear:

“…we would be doing it in the hotel and concert and I would unchain them after.”

I learned after that never to miss any of the details of his stories of course. Because I am sure that would have made sense otherwise. So yesterday as we are driving to Deception pass park Little J says:

” Mommy I think it is a big mistake you only have me. When I am a grown up I will have many babies. They will come from my church. All the women will be inside the church and they will bring me babies. I think I will call all my boys Iron.”

This as you can see will be the end of me. My son will probably move to Utah and support all his Iron Men with my life insurance.
I better sign up, there will be a lot of mouths to feed.

War and flowers

Driving to the farm today. Passing the statue downtown and the flags on the pole.

Little J: Mommy tell me again who those persons on the black flag are.

Me: It represents prisoners of war.

Little J: I forgot, why do bad guy take them?

Me: In war both sides capture soldiers so they can use them in negotiations.

Little J: What is negotions?

Me: Negotiations. It is when you have something and you make the other side do things you want them to in exchange for what you have. Like me offering you cookies for dessert if you eat your dinner.

Little J: I see. So how do you negotiate with prisoners?

Me: They release our soldiers if we meet their demands. Like give them back a territory we are fighting for or return some of their soldiers.

Little J: Why do people fight in war?

Me: Because they cannot agree on things. Like who should be in charge or who does the land belong to.

Little J: Why do we fight about land? There is so much of it.

Me: There is usually something special about that land. It might be rich with oil or coal. Or things grow on it.

Little J: Like carrots? Or berries? Maybe blueberries or raspberries or blackberries? Or maybe daisies?

Me: I don’t think there has been a war about daisies yet son. But I think it is silly to fight, no matter what the reason.

Little J: Why do people fight?

Me: Because they don’t agree about something. Just like you and I don’t, lots of times. But unlike us, they cannot let go and fight for so long they start wars.

Little J: That’s silly. I really think they should change. Will people change?

Me: Not sure. I hope so. But it takes time. Maybe some day, maybe never. That’s life.

Little J: I thought life is a highway?

And just like that my boy made me laugh to tears.
I hope all you grown ups out there are listening and stop fighting about daisies.