I wasn’t going to say anything, but it has been three weeks now. My son is driving me mad.

It started slowly, I barely noticed it to begin with. But with every passing day, he says it more and more. SUI. Yes, sounds just like Anna Sui, the designer. No idea what this means or where he heard it from.

He manages to work it into almost every sentence.

I ask him if it means REALLY. He tells me NO, really is really.

I ask him if it means SERIOUSLY. He says NO, seriously no.

I ask him if it means CERTAINLY. He says certainly NO.

Then he adds: SUI is SUI. That’s what I sui know.

I remember when I was a teenager, COOL became cool. We were all working so hard to insert it into everything we said. My grandparents tried so hard to tolerate it. But Little J is not even four years old…

So I am asking you. What do you think this is? Does it mean anything in another language? Have you heard anyone say it lately?

Something, anything?!? Please help…