Banking on it

We were building a fort at the beach the other day.

Little J: Mommy I really think I am going to be a builder when I grow up.

Me: Sounds good.

Little J: But where will I get money to be one?

Me: People will pay you to build things for them.

Little J: I know that. But first I will need tools. Where do I get money for those?

Me: You will have to borrow it from a bank.

Little J: I see. They have too much?

Me: No, that is how banks make money. They lend you some when you need it and then as you make money, you return it. And pay extra for the service.

Little J: Can’t people I am building the houses for pay back my bank?

Me: Well they do, kind of. They pay you, you pay back the bank and if you are left with extra you pay yourself.

Little J: This is all very complicated. I have a better plan. I will ask daddy for money. Much easier. And I don’t have to pay him back either.

Clearly my son is following my business plan. That’s my boy!

Gotta love it

We were going for a hike last week.

Husband was driving and we were talking about my business. What my short term goals were, long term ones and my dreams. I was telling him about an article I read regarding how to price your work as a photographer and set up the company and how hard it is for me to sell and market myself. I was trying to put some new life into my website and make it my own so it reflects my work and my approach to photography. We were going back and forth, bouncing off ideas. I like talking to him because he is the most realistic person ever and greatly represents my typical client. I surround myself with like minded people here on the blog and instagram, but in reality I live in a small military town and my husband is probably my target audience. I was telling him that I want people to hire me because they like my photos and not because I am affordable or available. But I have a hard time putting the prices up, since I know how difficult it is to part with money as a stay at home mom.

Little J was sitting in the back eating goldfish. All of the sudden he said: “Mommy it is not just about them liking your pictures, it is about them loving you. Everything about you.”

Apparently I found my niche in the market. I am lovable.

PS: My 4 year old son is available for marketing consultations. But you probably cannot afford him.

34 Photos

This post is inspired by

Mama’s Losin’ It

4.) Share a photo that was taken of you, that you think really captures who you are.

This week I submitted my first tax return as a business owner. Stasha B Photography.

This week I turned a year older. 34.

As a 34 year old photographer I am happy to have talent, time and state of the art equipment to capture people’s good lives.

As a mother and a wife who is a photographer I have thousands of photos of our good life.

As a son of a photographer, Little J has no photos of his mom. NONE!

So I bit the bullet. On my birthday I put on make up and my favorite boots, pulled out my gear, moved the couch and did what I do best. Click away.

Was it easy? No. Giggling on your own is absurd. Having a huge dog farting by your feet helps. Making silly faces helps. Chocolate helps. But still, it was hard.

I am posting these to show you that it can be done. To remind you to use your camera, phone, computer and take a photo of yourself. Because before you know it our children will be all grown up. You have the power to leave them more then then just your prom and wedding photos to remember you by. Go, click!

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Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment;

photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure. ~Tony Benn

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