Monday Listicles

This is the fastest turnaround on a Monday ever. Officially.

In the past week I have taken over 2000 photos, ran late at least twice, brushed out seven bags of hair, allowed my son to sleep in my bed three times, had two iced coffees and drove off the island four times. But the highlight of this fantastic week has been seeing my son run across the finish line of his first ever 1k race at the Whidbey marathon this morning. I cried. Because well, one would right? Is doesn’t get much cutter then a bunch of kids running with all they got passing the marathoners in a mad dash for the finish line. Julian was so proud of himself that he overtook some adults I did not have the heart to tell him that they were on the last few yards of their 26 plus miles. So he will forever remember this Sunday as the day he ran faster then super awesome adults. It is so great to be a kid.

So far I am loving this spring. You? Tell me all about!

Next week:


Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



*For your viewing pleasure click on the photos to supersize them.*

1. Testing new Fuji X100S curtesy of the lovely friends at Lumoid.

2. Stevens pass during spring break.

3. Setting up camp in Utah.

4. Snow day at the campsite.

5. Arches national park.

6. Sand dunes, Moab.

7. Spring in our neighborhood.

8. Salt flats, Utah.

9.Tulip fields.

10. Julian crossing the finish line.


Who doesn’t love spring? Weather gets warmer, nature is waking up, everything is blooming, birds are singing, bees are buzzing…

And dogs start shedding. Specifically my giant dogs. And by shedding I mean buckets full. The other day I was brushing Bruce who turned a year old few weeks ago and as a bonus decided to shed all his puppy hair too. I sat on the gravel and brushed and brushed and brushed and as the pile of hair behind me begun to tower over me I thought: let me arrange it so it looks like I got another dog in my back yard. And just as I started planning on the best Instagram photo ever a huge gust of wind lifted it up and carried it across the neighborhood. I bet my neighbors loved the hairy lawn decoration they woke up to the next day.

While my friend Pauline was visiting us last week she spend every evening holding Bruce in a headlock so I could brush his belly and tail and one particularly successful evening we managed to brush out all the dead hair and celebrated by eating a whole watermelon and extra slices of apple pie only to realize my poor dog now looks like a skunk because his undercoat is white not brown and is really showing through. Max slept through it all. Mostly because after years of torture he decided he best not grow all this extra fur because it just makes me brush him more.

Unfortunately brushing itself sometimes isn’t enough so I enlisted some help from my friend Nola who is a riding instructor and horse groomer and loves shaving things. Last week I made dinner and even served dessert and then just as she slipped into food coma I asked her to shave Bruce’s buttocks. You can always tell who your true friends are when they spend Friday night in the company of your dogs hairy behinds. Although operation shave the pup was successful and Bruce is all mat free he now looks like a skunk with naked bum. Max slept through it all. Mostly because he knows better then to fall for the good old ‘come and see what I have for you’ trick. It always ends up with someone clipped…

And before you ask, the brushing continues. The only time dogs are safe around me these days is when we go to the farm where I get to torture the shedding horse and they get a well deserved spring break. What I really wanted to do (apart from get a lot of praise from you all for persevering through these tough times) was to say THANK YOU BIG TIME to PetBox for sending us this fantastic package:

Petbox (1 of 1)

As you can see they knew what was coming because they included a Furminator and a whole lot of treats.

If you are in the midst of spring fever here is a fab little coupon to get 20% OFF your first order: NORTHWESTMOMMY .

And if you don’t really have anyone laying around that needs brushing, come on over! We got plenty of work to do.

Monday Listicles

Happy spring everyone!

I know lots of you are still shoveling snow but it is officially spring so be happy. Our island is like clockwork and buds are out in full force, gray whales are back and days are longer. Hope you found some inspiration to write a spring list. I asked my 5 year old son today while hiking what he is looking forward to about spring. Most of his answers are about staying in the backyard and clothes. Who knew?

I see everyone loved last week’s topic and wrote lovely reasons why your partner is awesome. Thank you The Bonny Bard for giving us a fantastic way to celebrate our loves.

Next week the topic for the list comes from Kerry, but I toned it down a little. 10 PLACES YOU KISSED.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Don’t have to dress warm.

2. Get to wear my favorite t-shirts.

3. People will explore wild nature more.

4. Nice hats not warm hats.

5. We go to beaches more often.

6. Back yard playing.

7. Water sprinklers.

8. Gardening and growing stuff.

9. Easter egg hunt.

10. Jumping in muddy puddles.