Volvo V60 Cross Country in Utah

I remember when I was my son Julian’s age, my friends and I spent lots of time imagining what our lives would be like when we grew up. It was a game we spent hours at. Even then, we had ideas of what we wanted. A house, a family, cars, jobs.

While my friends had no trouble choosing where they wanted to live, who to marry, and how many children to have, I always struggled. As far as my imagination could take me, I had a Newfoundland dog, the best skis money could buy, and a job that took me places. I couldn’t really commit to marriage and family, and I certainly couldn’t have a fancy sports car because I had my big, imaginary dog. And my skis! Maybe that’s where my love for station wagons was born. Because ever since then, I’ve imagined myself in a family vehicle going up the mountain in the snow.

It didn’t turn out quite like I imagined—at least, not at first. I spent my twenties traveling the world single, so I drove smaller, sporty cars dealers always pushed on me. One time I took a big family van for a test drive, and the car salesman wouldn’t stop chatting about my family, so I had to invent a husband, three kids, and a nanny. Yep. Things I did for my dream car…

So when Volvo asked me to take their new ( V60 Cross Country for a spin last week I said yes before they finished their invitation. Not sure if they took my neighbor for lunch and asked her everything about me, but when they delivered the car it was

a) White – my favorite color (with a pearly shine!!)
b) Had a beautiful Volvo kid’s car seat – which Julian said was super comfy
c) Came with dog equipment in the trunk so you can secure your canine during travels
d) Has all wheel drive

Pretty much my childhood dream car except it was very handsome with curves in all the right places.

We had to do this beauty justice and take it for a proper spin. Utah’s slogan these days is “Life Elevated,” so that’s where we explored. Because remember: ALL WHEEL DRIVE!!

Volvo blog-2

As soon as I sat in the car, it asked me if it could please connect to my iPhone. The rest was history. (I love my iPhone.) Anyone who makes friends with my favorite accessory—or as Julian calls it, “mommy’s brain”—is a friend of mine. My V60 Cross Country picked up my music playlist, my phone calls, and directions. All that on a beautiful, clear screen that wasn’t distracting at all when I drove.

The interior is fancy, sleek, and comfortable. The air-conditioning, which is a must for my dogs, is fast and pleasant. Further, I felt like I could see everywhere I needed to—no dreaded blind spots us moms hate so much in bigger and higher family vehicles. If you ever had to back out of your kid-friendly suburban driveway, you know exactly what a blind spot anxiety attack feels like.

Speaking of backing up, the camera that kicks in when you reverse is amazing and so detailed. Just look at these pretty flowers that popped up on my screen when I was doing a three point turn on the dirt road.

Volvo blog-3

Volvo also told me about every movement on my side of the car, which I appreciate since I get taken over by trucks a lot. Don’t judge.

We drove up dirt roads in search of Utah’s ghost towns. The car handles well, and even on gravel and in fields it doesn’t lose its sportiness, even while it give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that you got this. I would love to take this car skiing. It seems perfectly unfazed by the challenges of the mountains.

Despite my well known affinity to drive the speed limit all the time, which my son likes to reinforce from the backseat, I couldn’t resist going to the Salt Flats. I mean, a little slice of heaven with the most perfect scenery and no speed limit? It had to be done!

Volvo blog-5

I could tell you I am pretty confident we broke the world speed record in best family car category. I could admit to some donuts and rooster tails. I might even show you photographic proof. But bragging is not my thing. Let’s just say I allowed my dogs to stick their head out the window for the first time ever in their lives and experience the wind blowing away their slobber. And they loved it.

After all this adventuring, with tons of salt and dirt on everyone’s feet and the car what impressed me the most is that the Volvo stayed so pretty. Seriously, this is after driving all day both on dirt roads, highway, and Bonneville speedway:

Volvo blog-6

The leather seats wiped off all the salt easily and we were good to go back to Salt Lake City. I started running out of gas, and Volvo found me a gas station. I had a go at parallel parking, and it was easy peasy. Every time I returned to the vehicle it picked up my Pandora station and played it. Julian had no trouble putting on his seat belt, puling down the table, organizing his books and drinks and snacks. It’s like first class on SAS back there I tell you.

Volvo blog-7

My only regret is that my husband is gone to Japan already because he would have loved this car. It’s not easy to find a vehicle that is functional and family friendly yet exciting to drive. Sporty, comfortable, spacious. A little too big to fit into my suitcase and take to Japan otherwise I would never have returned it for sure.

On our drive back Julian and I were chatting and he told me that he changed his mind ( again ) and when he grows up he wants to be an engineer. He will live in the cabin in the mountains and drive a Volvo. I guess it’s in our blood.

Volvo blog-4

Money matters

I feel like I am not great at giving advice.

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My other advice to you would be to sometimes bite the bullet. When you get a nice email saying that there is a way for you to make a little extra money as a blogger, there is nothing wrong with considering it. Even I occasionally write an odd post that makes no sense. After all my son is going to kindergarden soon and needs some school clothes. You can be a little cross with me while reading this but in the end a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Maybe tomorrow I will come up with something a wee bit more funny. Or I will be making money without spending any. Who knows…


Looking at cacti in my office one will come to the obvious conclusion. I am getting older.

It is either because I am so forgetful or because I cannot see well anymore that I managed to kill plants that survive in the desert. Or maybe they just don’t like me.

Well I decided to investigate. I made an appointment with our local ophthalmologist to see if I am loosing my vision. Better that then loosing my mind right?

While I waited for the appointment I kept myself busy finding the cutest and most fashionable eyeglasses. I wasn’t going to go for cheap eyeglasses, but I wouldn’t spend a fortune on them either. I mean I have a shoe addiction and a workout clothes addiction already and having to wear glasses would surely result into me having an eyewear addiction.

Who knew buying prescritpion glasses was this easy? I visited, a great online store ( cause you know I never leave the house in order to buy anything, not even milk! ). They have the neatest feature: Virtual Mirror.

I uploaded a photo of myself and tried on most of the frames they carry. I really like glasses that give me that ‘nerdy’ look. And I loved the red frames. And the ombre colored ones. Luckily they always have great offers going on. Last week was 2 for 1, this week is 50% OFF. Because you know it is impossible to make a decision. I mean really, I could not have chosen just one pair.

photocrati gallery

Last Wednesday morning I saw the doctor and had a full eye exam. Turns out I still have a perfect vision and I overwater my cacti.

But for you my friends in the market for new glasses I have a fab coupon to take 10% off your next purchase from GlassesUSA. Just type in Blog10 at the checkout.

And please send me a photo of your new frames. I think I might have developed eyeglasses addiction anyway!

This is a sponsored post.