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Monday Listicles

Happy ‘nothing special yet perfect’ Sunday!

I love days like this. When we do absolutely nothing worth bragging about but the whole day turns out just right anyway. Was yours like this too?

As I admitted last week I messed up dates so this week we are writing about 10 things we want to say to our mom. Mine passed away when I was young but even if i could I don’t really think I have anything to say to her. We were not close and I have come to peace with that long ago. Last week my son’s class invited all of us ladies to have afternoon tea and celebrate Mother’s day with them. Kids all answered 11 questions about us and reading my boy’s list I know that although I may not have had a close relationship with my mom I sure have a wonderful one with my son. Plus he made me a year younger. I do love him so!

Next week :


Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



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Monday Listicles

Hello there rain!

This weekend is straight out of the fiction that everyone tells you about Pacific Northwest. The rain is constant and for the first time ever I don’t really feel like doing much. At all. We lingered around so long yesterday that by the time we were ready to go out for a walk with the dogs nobody was feeling the hike. So we took a stroll around the neighborhood instead and I quizzed my son about ways he shows love. Must say, he was quick to tell me many and after I wrote them down when we returned home I realized that he really has all this figured out. If I was to write a list I would have focused on keeping the romance alive but he said things that apply to loving everyone. Your family, pets, friends. I really love his list. I will try to do better on all 10. Thank you Ashlee for choosing the topic 10 ways you show love this week.

Next week:

10 Things you would tell your teenage self ( Chosen by Coletta )

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. You respect them.

2. You listen to them.

3. Don’t say mean things.

4. Never say you love them but not show it.

5. Never bully them.

6. Love them.

7. Spend time with them.

8. Don’t lie to them.

9. Always keep your promise to them.

10. You hug them.

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Elections 2042

Until recently my six year old son wanted to be a miner. Before that there was an architect, garbage truck driver, coast guard, rigger, scientist and LEGO designer to name but a few.

But last week at the dinner table he announced he will be the President of United States.

I told him that in order to get elected he must come up with a plan on how he will run the country and keep his promises to the voters. Here are some he said he will push for:

– no guns in USA

– no bombing other countries

– no wars

– no campfires on hot days

– more swimming pools

– no throwing away stuff that can be recycled

– no alarms

– no overgrowing stuff ( I think he was talking about GMO but not sure )

– everybody to take good care of nature

– no fishing sharks and turtles

– no more over cutting the trees ( only 15 per forest )

– no polluting water

– kids to play outside unless there is a thunderstorm

After I explained to him that government makes decisions how tax money is spend he said that as a president he will make sure that money is spend on happiness, good education and making sure everyone can go to collage for only $1. Also he will only allow Navy to spend money on meetings and coffee and no weapons.

He also added he will never give up on people who did not vote for him the first time. When I asked him what he will do to make sure they vote for him during re-election he said he will be the best president ever so they will want to vote for him the second time around.

So ladies and gentleman by 2042 my son will be eligible to run for office. In the mean time if any candidates need ideas or a speech written feel free to pass by and sit down with Little J for a bit. This plan of his took five minutes flat.

Have you ever ask your kids what they would do if they were given the chance to run the country?

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