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Tooth Fairy

If you come across a grumpy tooth fairy sitting in a bar with messy hair, unbrushed teeth, slumped down wings on her 13th drink contemplating pawning her wand to get more please tell her I am so, so sorry.

My son has probably driven her to the edge. In all these years with all these teeth, shelling out money left, right and center I bet tooth fairy has never come across a kid like mine. A hoarder. Or perhaps the nicer way to call him is a collector. You know the kind of guy that just cannot part with stuff. I told you all about his hoarding ways a while ago. He just can’t seem to let go. But he really outdid himself when it comes to his teeth.

Before you panic he is not gluing his lost teeth back into his mouth. At least not that I know of. He is simply refusing to give them up. I should have known but foolishly I played along with his first tooth last year. He was so happy he lost it and I told him to put it under the pillow. Naturally he protested about tooth fairy being real but he told me his dentist confided in him that it was really him that replaced the tooth with the money. OK, because a 40 year old dude roaming around the neighborhoods taking children’s teeth in the middle of the night is less freaky then a fairy how?! But I wasn’t going to argue. I stayed up late to make sure he was fast asleep and went looking for the tooth. It took me what seemed forever looking for the darn thing. Every time Julian took a breath or moved I thought I was busted. Whoever came up with this whole tooth fairy thing was either an idiot or a glutton for punishment. The whole point of children going to sleep is so that you don’t see them until morning. That way you can watch Criminal minds or eat too much chocolate and make love to your husband. You know, adult time. Not roam around your child’s room spending hard earned money on bone matter that their body discarded and poking around finding it waking the kid up in the process.

Needless to say I finally gave up and left the dollar and the letter about ‘way to go and don’t forget to floss cause us fairies don’t pay for loss of permanent teeth’. Which I know would totally be bullocks if it was indeed the dentist who came by cause they love nothing more then to put those crowns in your mouth so they can buy a new Porsche. The next morning Julian informed me he got the money. I was faking happiness and all as he informed me that he pulled one over the fairy dentist since his tooth is still in his hiding place. Awesome. My son is hoarding his teeth.

Next tooth he lost I had a clear dilemma. Do I give him the money or not? The tooth was nowhere to be found. Wherever Julian’s hiding spot for teeth is I could not locate it. So I gave him a dollar and a letter saying ‘way to go and don’t forget to floss and this is the last time I am leaving you cash cause you never leave me your tooth and rules are rules’. He woke up the next morning and was pleased about the money but didn’t seem bothered about the prospect of never getting it again: It’s just money mom. I can earn double that when I grow up. But I can never get my baby teeth back.

As freaky as that is I guess it makes sense. I mean not to me cause I hate things. I get rid of things. If the fairy stint worked I would have collected his teeth and tossed them in the compost. Ashes to ashes, teeth to soil or something like that. But now I have 4 teeth hiding somewhere in the house. I sure hope he brushed them before he stashed them!

For the record he has been pen paling with fairy dentist. This was his latest letter upon loosing tooth number 4:

it is in the pink box but please do not take it, it is an antique and if you dare the vulture droid will attack you.
PS love Julian, dear dentist.

Well he might be threatening him but at least he has manners. That’s my boy!


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The Alarm

I was talking to my friend the other day who’s husband is away on a ship about her car troubles and she told me about ‘deployment curse’. I have never heard of the term before but I can tell you first hand it’s 100% true and any military wife will agree. In fact any wife period will agree. If things can go wrong, they will go wrong while your husband is away.

Jason often travels for work and our garage door, which never fails otherwise always stops working as soon as he boards the plane. It is annoying and inconvinient but I can totally fix it. Except I don’t know where he keeps the WD40 and I always end up pouring olive oil in the railings to close the door in the morning so we can leave the house. Honestly I should just buy my own stash of WD40. Or a new house.

But this morning Murphy took the law to a whole new level. I was woken up by a loud and piercing sound of the alarm. I hit the snooze button but the sound was still there. It was like the smoke alarm that annoys you when you burn the toast only hundred times worse. I stumbled downstairs, following the noise and discovered it is coming from our Carbon monoxide detector. The thoughts that went through my head were utterly unreasonable: it must be the battery. But why is it plugged in the wall if it runs on battery? Check the C0 level: 0. Why is it still beeping? Check the stove: nope, gas is not on. Are the dogs farting and setting it off? Do we have gas anywhere else? OK, unplug it and check the instructions. And as I did that the alarm went bananas! I am convinced that we woke up our entire neighborhood plus some households in Canada too. I didn’t even know a small thing like that could make so much noise. Like a baby!

Julian came down running and demanded we evacuate. His exact words were: Mom let’s go, Forest BC says we must leave the house immediately and call 911. I thought Forest said life was like a box of chocolates but Julian was adamant so I decided to trust him and Gump. We grabbed our jackets and went outside and I called 911. I told her our address and that our alarm won’t quit and she told me to leave the house immediately as she has dispatched the fire department already. I gathered the dogs and we waited outside our house for the fire engine to arrive.

Perhaps it was too early or too dark or it’s a uniform thing but I swear Fire Department send me the most handsome firemen. Which would have been fantastic if it wasn’t for my dreadful hair, unbrushed teeth and stripey Christmas pajamas. Not to mention that I disturbed their morning coffee by calling them to rescue a dead battery out of my Carbon Monoxide alarm. They gave me the all clear and although I couldn’t stop apologizing they assured me we did the right thing. We got back inside and even managed to get to school in time. Maybe we should do fire drills every morning, it really was the fastest we ever got ready for school.

I was very proud of Julian, how calm and reasonable he stayed and how he followed the evacuation drill just as he practiced with daddy many times before. It truly makes a difference between life and death if our kids are prepared. Also special thanks to Victoria BC radio station that we listen to in the car; turns out it is the Fortis BC commercial about what to do in case of gas leak that taught my son what to do. Who knew?

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Boy flu

Yesterday I got a call from Julian’s school requesting to pick him up because he is running high fever.

I rushed from the farm and as I entered the nurse’s office my poor boy looked miserable. I could tell he was hurting. As we drove home I suggested we get comfy, make a cup of tea and watch some StarWars. He said ‘no thanks’. Clearly he was very sick!

Once home he started crying and whining and feeling really sorry for himself. I could see the man flu coming! It was now or never, it was my duty as a woman to stop the circle of self pity over a germ attack. I sat down and explained to my sweet 7 year old son that when one is unwell he must find ways to beat the sickness. To fight it, to listen to the people who can help him and to listen to his body. I told him that fever is good and means that his body is working overtime. We talked about the army of blood cells fighting against the bad virus inside of him right now and that it is his duty as a leader to give them all the support by resting and drinking fluids. He calmed down and fell asleep.

Over the afternoon Julian threw up often, battled high fever and caught loads. But through it all he was kind and polite, thanking me for everything I did, asking if he can help me clean up after him, offering to go back to bed so I can finish making dinner for the rest of us. He continues to be beyond wonderful this morning and is feeling much better.

I cannot believe that I managed to nip the man flu symptoms in a bud. Researchers have found that a positive attitude with a general attitude of vigor is associated with less severe symptoms of flu and cold*. I just wish other men would follow suit. In the mean time all girls 10 and bellow who one day might be my son’s chosen one: YOU ARE WELCOME!


* Turner, R.B. The common cold. In: Mandell, G.L., Bennett, J.E., Dolin, R., eds. Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases. 7th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Churchill Livingstone; 2009: Chap 53.

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