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You Tube

You know those people that do their research before buying something? The ones that walk into the car dealership with print outs of all the models and ask the salesman about how many screws hold the engine on the lefthand side and after test driving it return four more weekends in the row before finally deciding to just get a season pass to the railway instead? That’s my son!

He doesn’t randomly ask for things or sees something in the story only to demand it immediately. NO, no, NO! He will first form an interest, fueled by dedication to the particular hobby or topic or thing. He will then research it inside out. After he is convinced this interest is here to stay he will decide what he needs to be able to incorporate it into his play or everyday life.

Take Star Wars for example. He recently showed great interest in the saga so we decided to watch the movies together as a family. It all started with him playing with our neighbor’s son who introduced him to it. Then he asked for a small LEGO set to be able to build and has since chosen some more now that he has seen the movies. But they are not just random sets, he maticiously reads the catalogues and watches You Tube videos to determine which sets will give him the best value for money and the most playability. Honestly, I am not making this up!

Unlucky for us most of these videos are old and mention sets that have since been discontinued and can only be bought as collectibles. Fair warning to Santa: he has his eyes on a box of LEGO’s that is topping $800 mark on Ebay at the moment. Better get those elves to work double shift as Chippendales of something…

Anyways the other week we were all relaxing after a hike with our feet up and Julian declared he will go upstairs and review his LEGO set. I did’t even realize what he meant until he returned downstair a few minutes later, handed me his iPod and asked me to post this on You Tube please:

Beside his sniffles and my not so white carpet I believe this is a masterpiece ;)

Speaking of reviews in the coming weeks I will be featuring my top picks for Christmas gifts this year. Over the years I have met some incredible, passionate, innovative businesses and decided to tell you all about them. Stay tuned!

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Monday Listicles

Happy ‘nothing special yet perfect’ Sunday!

I love days like this. When we do absolutely nothing worth bragging about but the whole day turns out just right anyway. Was yours like this too?

As I admitted last week I messed up dates so this week we are writing about 10 things we want to say to our mom. Mine passed away when I was young but even if i could I don’t really think I have anything to say to her. We were not close and I have come to peace with that long ago. Last week my son’s class invited all of us ladies to have afternoon tea and celebrate Mother’s day with them. Kids all answered 11 questions about us and reading my boy’s list I know that although I may not have had a close relationship with my mom I sure have a wonderful one with my son. Plus he made me a year younger. I do love him so!

Next week :


Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



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Monday Listicles

Hello there rain!

This weekend is straight out of the fiction that everyone tells you about Pacific Northwest. The rain is constant and for the first time ever I don’t really feel like doing much. At all. We lingered around so long yesterday that by the time we were ready to go out for a walk with the dogs nobody was feeling the hike. So we took a stroll around the neighborhood instead and I quizzed my son about ways he shows love. Must say, he was quick to tell me many and after I wrote them down when we returned home I realized that he really has all this figured out. If I was to write a list I would have focused on keeping the romance alive but he said things that apply to loving everyone. Your family, pets, friends. I really love his list. I will try to do better on all 10. Thank you Ashlee for choosing the topic 10 ways you show love this week.

Next week:

10 Things you would tell your teenage self ( Chosen by Coletta )

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. You respect them.

2. You listen to them.

3. Don’t say mean things.

4. Never say you love them but not show it.

5. Never bully them.

6. Love them.

7. Spend time with them.

8. Don’t lie to them.

9. Always keep your promise to them.

10. You hug them.

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