Two lollipops, ten bushes and a tree

Spring has been gracing us with lovely weather and I decided to tackle the back yard. Treat myself to some new bushes and trees.

Since Tuesday is a Preschool day I had three hours to groom and ride Vizon, gossip at the barn and visit the local nursery. I was running on schedule. After quickly looking around the nursery I wanted to ask for some guidance. Then the worst happened. There was somebody else that wanted to talk shrubs and I was in the queue. When it was finally my turn we got to talking and were making progress, coming up with grand ideas and putting pots aside. I looked at my watch. Rude as it may have been, I had to stop mid sentence and leave. Quickly drove across town, picked up Little J, drove back and did the second worst thing. Returned to buy the bushes with him.

Let’s get one thing straight. My kid is lovely. He says please and thank you, is charming and has great social skills. But he is a talker. That’s why I avoid having long adult conversations with him in tow. He joins in and takes over. Lucky for us, the lady at the nursery offered him a blue lollipop. He was busy sucking on it, which gave me ten minutes to choose. In the process I did these unthinkable mistakes:

Let the gardener choose for me.

Never looked at any of the prices.

Never attempted to bargain.

Picked up the lollipop off the floor and gave it back to Little J after he dropped it.

Let Little J rescue worms and put them back in flower pots.

Approved a second lollipop so I could pay, get the dog out of the minivan, help load the minivan, return the dog to the vehicle.

Along the way I also ignored Big M drinking from the water feature on display, sniffing perennials and slobbering on the man loading pots in my van.

Left the tree there to be picked up tomorrow. Hopefully I will remember.

And that’s why I shop online, in the middle of the night. Not because my son is awful in public, not because he bothers me to buy things for him. But because he takes all my attention and I can never commit to the task at hand. And because lollipops are bad for his teeth.