Countdown to Christmas : Photography Concentrate

As promised I will roll up my sleaves and tell you about some of my favorite picks for Christmas presents this year. These are all tried and tested by me or my family and come from small businesses that deserve your attention.

It’s only fair I begin with Photography concentrate, a fantastic couple of professional photographers who create great tutorials to teach you everything there is about digital photography, editing and how to make it your career if you choose to. I came across their site years ago looking for a way to teach myself how to use Adobe Lightroom efficiently and have been a huge fan ever since. All my friends I told about it and have since learned how to rock their cameras in manual mode agreed that these short, concise tutorials are amazing.

Because they currently have a huge Black Friday event going on I will talk less so you can go and shop more. Just CLICK HERE to see the tutorials and grab a few at 40-60% less until 5th December! They make great gifts for anyone getting a new camera or someone who got one last year but still uses it in Auto mode. For those who splurged on Photoshop or Lightroom only to sit in front of their screen frustrated trying to figure out what to do with it. Or for yourself. Cause one can never know too much!

This year they have some great new tutorials:

Incredibly Important Composition Skills

backup or die banner


And my personal favorites, which I still refer to often:


super photo editing skills

Happy shopping!

Monday Listicles

Seriously, where is this summer rushing? I am entering panic mode.

Maybe because our puppy grew so much in a week that it feels like a month. Maybe because I grew a little too. Or perhaps because we went sledding yesterday on Mt Baker and even if you are wearing shorts, snow will remind you quickly that winter shall return soon! Are you feeling like summer is coming to an end too soon?

This week we are peaking into each other’s shopping carts. I do not shop at all ( unless it can be ordered on Amazon, from the comfort of my home) but hubby does all the grocery shopping and claims he loves it too. So this list is all him. Again. He is starting to demand an assistant editor in chief of my blog position. Should I promote him?

Next week’s topic comes from Christine : 10 PHOTOS OF LIFE WITH KIDS. And for all you not wanting to share pictures of your children, don’t panic. Furry ones, spouses acting like ones, neighbor’s annoying ones or celebrity ones… Anything goes!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Hearts
2. Liver
3. Tongue
4. Kidneys
5. Carrots
6. Apples
7. Dental sticks
8. Pig ears
9. Salmon oil
10. Biscuits

( In case you are wondering, this is what it takes to feed two Newfoundlands and spoil a horse )

Monday Listicles

That’s it. February is coming to an end!

I even noticed some buds on the trees today. There is a possibility spring is coming. One of many things that make me happy is seasons changing. And listicles! I loved reading about little joys you have. Thank you Wendy from Stamping rules for choosing a lovely topic for us.

This week is Kerry’s turn and she calls for 10 DUMBEST PURCHASES. I asked my husband to help write mine and he said he has never bought anything he regrets. So naturally I was tempted to go in the garage and take pictures of at least 10 exhibits to prove him wrong. But then he remembered he is not perfect after all and I decided to act like a perfect wife instead and wrote my own list.

Before you admit to spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave getting a hula girl tattoo, let me tell you what we are writing about next week:


Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Cacti

I really thought that was the kind of plant I cannot kill. Then I over watered them. 5 out of 12 and counting…

2. Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G

I am a portrait photographer. This is not really a portrait kinda lens. I got it for a bargain 2 years ago. I have not used it yet…

3. Any at home hair coloring kit.

For me it never turns out anything like the picture on the box. EVER.

4. Any gift for my husband that requires participation on his end.

Tickets to the concert. Never used. Driving a Porsche on a famous race course. Never used. I am a fast learner though…

5. High waisted acid washed jeans.

Trust me on this one. 80’s fashion does not grow better with age.

6. Any kind of ab machine.

Husband and I had his and hers versions from back when we were single. At least I have thrown mine away by now.

7. Anything that promises to make your skin look younger.

Nothing can replace healthy diet and a good nights sleep. Even if it does cost $200 and smells divine.

8. Any toy your child asks for after he has seen it on TV. Or at his friends.

It will be popular exactly 1 hour 12 minutes. Then never used again.

9. Green bananas.

They will stay green forever. Then they will ripe overnight to a horrible state and if you notice it early enough they might make it into banana bread. But more likely they will be a very expensive compost filler.

10. Anything sold AS SEEN ON TV.

Impulse purchase at it’s finest. Husband admits to these. I am yet to succumb.