Just keep running

I ran my fastest 5K today.

It was fueled with anger and dismay. Ocean and it’s wast blueness as my companion, eagles and hawks flying above me and green grass underneath me. My favorite trail to run. But I could not get the images of marathoners approaching the finish line on Monday out of my mind, the explosions blasting as they look behind them. What should have been an euphoric end to one of the most important events and hardest earned accomplishments in their life turning into horror. I ran and I wondered if that could have been me. Standing in the crowd one moment with my son, cheering on the runners and in a split second becoming the headline at the 5 o’clock news. And I got angrier with every step.

I thought about people. How thousands of us are born each day and begin our story. What causes some to turn so horrible that they would intentionally hurt another. And not even a particular person that might have caused them harm, but an innocent stranger. And even worse, a child. I ran and I wondered if I have ever met such a person in my life. And I got scared thinking my son might. So I ran faster.

For the first time ever I turned onto the road. Without my knee brace every step was hurting more. Every time my left foot landed on the concrete, sharp pain shot through my knee, reminding me that life is not perfect. I know my days are full of peace and happiness. My biggest worry is being late for preschool drop off and my dog’s hotspots. I worry about our health and what we put on the table. Sometimes, but I try not to, I worry about my husband being deployed again. I know that there are unimaginable things happening everyday, children dying of huger, people dying in war, nature going wild and taking lives. I know there are tragedies that we should strive to eliminate and there are some that we cannot control. How amidst of all that someone decides to bring more sadness in the world is beyond me.

I kept running. Pain and sadness my companions and the wind that was picking up, I struggled to find inner peace and just be. To find a way to spread the word that even I, who had my fair share of adversity can be happy and look forward to what life brings every morning. That no matter how terrible the situation, violence is never the answer.

How do we recover? From 9/11, to random shootings to Boston Marathon explosions, how do we go on not worrying about what is behind us, what is in front of us and if the stranger next to you might harm you? How do we go on?

I took this photo earlier today:

At the time I was in the saddle. I tightened the reins and said whoa. My horse trusted me against his instinct to stop long enough so I can take a picture of a wild animal. Deer trusted my dog not to hunt and kill him. There we were, all four of us standing in the sun, sharing a moment of trust. Guess that is all we can do.

And when trust fails us… We cannot help ourselves but to loose a little faith in humanity.

Monday Listicles


How are you? How was your week? Your weekend? What made you happy today? Yesterday?

Hope you answered to all those without having to think about it. One of the things that made me happy and giggle loads was reading your listicles. The fictional facts about you were the bomb and I was surprised to see how many of you know you Bond stuff!! Thank you Anja for a super duper fun topic!

On the other hand, hope that this week’s topic, suggested by Kerstin gave you some food for thought and a reason to be happy too. I look forward to reading about your 10 THINGS I LEARNED IN 2012. I started running this year and I wrote about ten things I learned about that. Opinion expressed here are my own and written for the sole purpose of entertainment. Before beginning any exercise program, please consult a physician or other qualified health care provider. Specially if he is gorgeous like the surgeon that operated on my knee.

Where was I?

Next week! I have gotten so many awesome ideas from you all about what to write our list on. To be fair, I will queue them up in the next few months, starting with Jessica:

And now, tell me what you learned this year!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. I finally realized why running is number one choice of exercise among moms.

2. No matter how happy you feel, do not laugh during your run. Bugs taste awful and you will inhale many.

3. When starting off you will notice your four year old and the seventy year old lady down the street can both run faster and longer then you.

4. No matter how amazing this video makes it look, running in the rain is…running in the rain.

5. Also related: If you live in Pacific Northwest you either learn to love running in the rain or you give up running.

6. Apps are your best friend. They track your runs, help you plan them, achieve your goals, motivate you to push yourself and have a cute guy tell you how awesome you are.

7. Like all hobbies, starting to run gives you a great excuse to shop for new gear.

8. Avoid watching ‘Criminal minds’ and the likes, cause most females in these shows are attacked and killed while running in the park.

9. World looks even more amazing when you are running by.

10. I have never seen a person who is not happy after a run. Just look at Jen, Clarinda, Michelle and Monica!

What advice do you have for me to get better at running?