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You can thank me later

Not to brag but I get a lot of fan mail. It’s great to wake up and read that you liked my blog post, my article in Ludique magazine or my latest photo on Instagram. I am also always thrilled when you ask for my opinion on something you are struggling with in you photography adventures. Luckily you all know me well enough not to ask me for recipes. Because unlike photography, I know nothing about cooking…

Many of you have sought advice on what camera and lenses to buy as you start your hobby or build a photography business. As much as I love talking about gear, technical stuff and why I use what I use to take pictures, that is the one question I struggle answering. Simply because much like buying a new pair of shoes, choosing your photo gear is a very personal thing. I can tell you why I chose what is in my camera bag and how I best utilize it, but I doubt that it will fit your needs quite the same. And to be perfectly honest, half of my camera bag contents were bad purchases. None were impulse ones, like I can be guilty of with shoes. But some lenses have over time proved to be useless with my style of shooting. Even my current camera and I are not the best match which after the initial infatuation with it I have come to realize.

But you know I would not leave you stranded in an ocean full of Nikons, Canons and Sonys to fend for yourself! I have found a perfect solution on how to find the best gear for yourself:

lens rental

Test it first! Narrow down to a few cameras that are in your price range and will meet your photographic needs. Go to a store and look at them. Check how they fit in your hand. Look at how much lenses that you might be purchasing in the future cost. Then when you find the one that is just right, walk away. Return home, get online and borrow it from Borrow Lenses. Use it for a weekend and then decide. Much like shoes you cannot return the camera once you used it. But you can pay a fraction of it’s price to take it for a test run. Once you are happy, go back to the store and buy it. If not, repeat from step one. Easy peasy!

This weekend I practiced what I preach. I borrowed my dream camera from Borrow Lenses for 3 days with a lens that I would most likely buy for it. This beauty, which will set me back around $10.000 if I take the plunge:

I have been stalking them on Ebay for months, bidding like a woman possessed in hope to get one of my own. I finally decided to commit to a new one if it is in fact THE ONE. So I turned to Borrow Lenses to try it out. After I got my conformation that they shipped my order I counted the hours until it arrived. I was fully dressed and even wearing a little make up hours before UPS was scheduled to arrive because I felt Leica deserved my very best. When delivery man rang the doorbell I asked my husband to sign for it cause my hands were shaking with excitement. I took a weekend off and for the first time in years I went out shooting for myself. No sessions, just taking photos of my family for fun. The first few hours with Leica were rough. It is a rangefinder which I have never used and it takes some getting used to. So after day one I was patting myself on the back for borrowing it, since I felt this camera was not for me. But over the next few days I found my grove and composition with it became second nature. I got the hang of the manual focusing and by our last day together I realized this camera is indeed my dream come true.

I decided that the lens I felt was my best choice for it is indeed not. I think I will pair it with a different one when I own my own Leica M. I also realized that even though I was going to switch to this as my primary camera for work as well, it might not be a good match for wedding photography, so I will keep my DSLRs for now.

All and all I am so very, very glad I tried Leica before spending my savings on it. So next time you are in the market for a camera shoot me an email. I will narrow a few down for you. But before committing, borrow it for a while first. Now if only there was a BorrowManInAKilt.com …

If you would like to view some of the photos I took over the weekend with my borrowed Leica M9 CLICK HERE.

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You must all be wondering how my vacation is going? Very well, thank you. I even managed to find some me time and snuggle up to read this month’s LUDIQUE MAGAZINE. It is a very special issue close to my heart because it celebrates women and mothers and their ventures into mobile photography.

In case you wanted to join me in a little vacation, CLICK HERE to flip through the magazine. As always it is free and accesible from any mobile device. See you next week!


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Monday Listicles

We are on vacation!

I am probably panicking with no wireless right now somewhere on a beach, wondering if this listicle posted and you all can link up. Rough life, I know. Are you going on vacation soon?

After we talked TV last week, we are sharing photos this week. Favorite photos you took in fact. I was going to wow you with some of my work photos but truthfully I love taking photos of my family with my phone and they are my favorite work. Not my best, but my most beloved. It is not easy to be photo ready with the big fancy cameras in manual mode and my family dynamics are such that only a phone or a point and shoot can catch them. Out of nearly 1700 Instagram clicks I could not choose just ten so I narrowed it down to picks from this month. Thank you Heather for a lovely topic! Cannot wait to see what your favorite photos are.

Next week the topic shall be: SUMMER. Ten things summer. Bring it on!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!









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