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4.) Share a photo that was taken of you, that you think really captures who you are.

This week I submitted my first tax return as a business owner. Stasha B Photography.

This week I turned a year older. 34.

As a 34 year old photographer I am happy to have talent, time and state of the art equipment to capture people’s good lives.

As a mother and a wife who is a photographer I have thousands of photos of our good life.

As a son of a photographer, Little J has no photos of his mom. NONE!

So I bit the bullet. On my birthday I put on make up and my favorite boots, pulled out my gear, moved the couch and did what I do best. Click away.

Was it easy? No. Giggling on your own is absurd. Having a huge dog farting by your feet helps. Making silly faces helps. Chocolate helps. But still, it was hard.

I am posting these to show you that it can be done. To remind you to use your camera, phone, computer and take a photo of yourself. Because before you know it our children will be all grown up. You have the power to leave them more then then just your prom and wedding photos to remember you by. Go, click!

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Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment;

photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure. ~Tony Benn

Let's BEE Friends

Memories Captured

So excited to link up with Galit and Alison today with this little project.

I have been seriously delaying ordering Christmas cards. I blame Galit, because I was hoping to win her giveaway and score Minted holiday cards. Maybe next year. But in the mean time I might just pinch from her and Alison this idea and email family and friends something similar:

Join in the fun!

Loving= because he gives the best hugs and kisses.

Cheeky= because he has an answer for everything.

Stubborn= because he never gives up, even when he knows he is in over his head.

Fast= trust me, he is like Road Runner.

Particular= CLICK HERE. See?

Chatty= because he never stops talking.

Silly= he cracks himself up all the time.

Brave= because he just does it.

Studious= because he is engrossed in his books all the time.

Bright= every mom thinks that right?

Funny= he cracks me up all the time.

Imaginative= listening to him play with his imaginary friend will convince you of that.

Thoughtful= he truly cares about others.

Creative= cleaning up his toys and the combinations he came up with will convince you of that.

Fiery= try making him do something against his will.

And fire engine? It is his thing…

If you could only take three things

We woke up to a tsunami alert! To say that a natural disaster of this magnitude puts your life in perspective is an understatement.

Many years ago in a land far away our next door neighbors were from Texas. I sat in their living room as they watched helplessly the latest news on Katrina. Their home was close to the beach and unoccupied, filled with everything they so lovingly collected during years of adventures around the world. And all I remember is how concerned they were about their family photos. Nothing else mattered, just pieces of paper with their children’s smiles. I understood but in a few years when movers unpacked 44 boxes in our new home and one was missing I could relate. All of my childhood pictures, little momentous and work related documents were gone. On the bright side my son will grow up thinking mommy met daddy and they lived happily ever after. No proof of my former existence, bad haircuts and questionable decisions.

Lucky for us all is well. And thanks to the new age all I have to say to my son is “Grab the Apple and Blackberries and run!” and his story shell be preserved.