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I always wanted a minivan.

When I was in high school I took bus #5. It dropped me off just around the corner. Right by the bus stop was a store and the owner would deliver to it every morning in his Pontiac Transporter. To me it was the most amazing vehicle ever. I wanted one so bad. I could put my skis in the back and my bike. There would still be plenty of space for my friends and my dog too. I imagined driving it, taking it on vacations and even moving into it. In case you are too young to know which car I am talking about, it was just like this one:

They were rare in Europe so I never got one. I did however buy myself a car as soon as I got my driving license. A brand new sports car. Followed by another. And then three more. But all along I dreamed of a minivan.

One day I went to a dealership. I was a flight attendant in the Middle East, single and in my twenties. I pulled up in my custom made Audi and walked in. The salesman ask if he could help me and I told him I was looking to buy a new car. He was going to show me the two seater but I zoomed in on a minivan. A black Chrysler Town and Country. He looked at me and quietly grabbed the keys. We drove off and as I was trying to reach the pedals and look graceful he was trying to make small talk.

“Madam, how man children you have?”

“Children?” I looked at the rear view mirror and realized there are 5 seats behind me. “Hmm… Three.”

“Very good. Most European women, they wait too long. It is better to have children young.”

“Yes, you are right. Much better.”

“This minivan very popular with drivers. Many families buy it. You have three children. How many nannies?”

“Hmmm. Nannies? One.”

“Only one?”

“Yes, she is from back home. Lovely girl.”

“I see. And your driver, he drop children to school?”

“Hmmm. Sure.”

” They will like this minivan. Very popular. Now take this turn left and we go back to saloon. I show you the new SUV for you. Or you like sports car better?”

It dawned on me there and then. Not only was I the first single woman who wanted to buy a minivan at this dealership I was the first woman ever.

I bought a BMW instead. A month later I met a man with a BMW. He liked my car me so much he married me. And many years later he bought me the same kind of minivan I took for a test drive that day.

I snapped this with my phone two days ago. Aren’t they perfect?


Dinner time, take 2

I am joining Jamie and Mommy2Cents today in a fun link up they created:


Plain and simple, all they ask is for us to repost one of the entries published the first week of us blogging.

Here is what I had to say in the third post I ever wrote on my blog. Feel free to go an comment on the original entry, since it has nothing but spam comments. Which I even made an effort to respond to! That is how green I was…


Posted March 9th 2011 at 23:20 by Stasha

We all have grand ideas. Our kids will be talented, successful and all that jazz. I am of a thought he will be who he will be and I have a rather good feeling about it. Lucky for me little J rarely disappoints. He is great to be around and lots of fun. But dinner time is… Perhaps a little bit of a let down. Granted this is a sore spot for husband and I since we are a tad snobby about food, really enjoy cooking(him) and eating(me) and want to celebrate the day by eating as a family.

But Little J has it figured out. At the table is his five minutes of fame. He puts on an Oscar worthy performance and switches scenario on us daily so we can’t anticipate and react accordingly. The end result is us trying not to laugh, then us begging and pleading and then saying things and making promises that you would cringe if you heard. Somehow we make it thru every night and there is always a desert at the end. Not as a reward mind you but more as a consolation prize. Thank you for participating, in your face mommy resolutions and well done three year old for making us beg to eat what I bet you liked to begin with.

Yep, we always had grand ideas about our family and at dinner time we are grand indeed…

Afternoon in bed

Back in the day, childless and in love, we lived in an apartment overlooking the bay and Ritz Carlton.

Every Saturday was brunch day. We would wake up late, have tea and do nothing. I put a lot of thought into what i was wearing, my Husband always complimented me and looked rather dashing himself. We met up with our neighbors and walked over to the Ritz. Hours were spend with good food and great company. I was famous for tasting every dessert and we were never short of mimosas. When we returned home, we usually took a nap before heading up to the roof to sit by the pool and nap some more.

Fast forward five years. I was hit with one of those twelve hour bugs and barely slept. Boys let me stay in bed. Mostly as a quarantine, not  because they feel so sorry for me. This must be the first Saturday since I became a mom that I have not accomplished anything yet. It is early afternoon and I am in bed. Wearing pajamas with no appetite.

Maybe not quite the Ritz treatment, but I am once again in bed on Saturday afternoon. Might as well take a nap.

And don’t even think about asking if I ever miss those days. Because I don’t. Living them there and then brought me to The good life I have now. Period.