Monday Listicles


It’s official. My brain is a mush. I sat down super excited to write a listicle today. Robin chose to write about things we have memorized and I absolutely love the idea. But guess what? I don’t really have any important information stored in my memory. I mean a lot of it is stored on my iPhone, iMac, iPad, Mac Pro and in two different notebooks full of passwords and important information. But I don’t remember any of them. Not my pin on the debit card ( I must always choose credit in the store ), not any of our social security numbers ( I am always fishing out our old tax returns ) and not my license plate on the minivan ( those mean parking machine always make me walk back to the car ). I used to be so incredibly great with remembering facts and numbers. What happened??!

Do I get some extra points for remembering to post the listicles? Thanks my friends!

Next week:

10 ways you show love ( Chosen by Ashlee )

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. I remember my best friend from primary school Nina’s home phone number. Needless to say I have not called her since 1992. Go figure…

2. I remember the only sentence my grandma taught me in her mother tongue, Hungarian: It’s raining on flowers. Needless to say it won’t get me far if I ever go back to Hungary.

3. I remember the date I met my husband. Cause it was New years. Talk about great planning.

4. I remember passwords for Google, Disqus and all other programs you guys use on your blogs for comments. I really wish sites would just keep them on my devices cause I am very particular with passwords and make them complicated and always different. I think I just discovered the reason my memory is occupied at it’s full capacity.

5. I remember the name ( first and last ) of my first crush in kindergarden.

6. I can probably tell you the password to my Amazon Prime in my sleep.

7. I remember my staff number and password to sign in at my old job.

8. I still remember where all the safety equipment is located on Airbus 320, 330, 340 and Boing 767. Each and every one.

9. I also still remember word by word Arabic version of our welcome onboard passenger announcement. I used to read out English and German one but I guess I heard the Arabic one so many times it stuck in my head.

10. I probably know words to at least 500 songs. Ironically I have the worst singing voice ever so I never actually use this wonderful bank of information of mine. But I am great to have on your team at a pub quiz!

I was going to amaze you with a video of a passenger announcement from You Tube but all the landing ones I found filmed the noise of the aircraft is too much to listen to it properly. So here is an old commercial of my old airline instead.

Memories Captured

So excited to link up with Galit and Alison today with this little project.

I have been seriously delaying ordering Christmas cards. I blame Galit, because I was hoping to win her giveaway and score Minted holiday cards. Maybe next year. But in the mean time I might just pinch from her and Alison this idea and email family and friends something similar:

Join in the fun!

Loving= because he gives the best hugs and kisses.

Cheeky= because he has an answer for everything.

Stubborn= because he never gives up, even when he knows he is in over his head.

Fast= trust me, he is like Road Runner.

Particular= CLICK HERE. See?

Chatty= because he never stops talking.

Silly= he cracks himself up all the time.

Brave= because he just does it.

Studious= because he is engrossed in his books all the time.

Bright= every mom thinks that right?

Funny= he cracks me up all the time.

Imaginative= listening to him play with his imaginary friend will convince you of that.

Thoughtful= he truly cares about others.

Creative= cleaning up his toys and the combinations he came up with will convince you of that.

Fiery= try making him do something against his will.

And fire engine? It is his thing…

Selective memory and bad sense of humor

On Tuesday we locked ourselves out of the house.

We were sitting on the front porch after walking the dog, enjoying the sunshine and killing time before Preschool. After I realized the door was locked and checked the alternative three entrances, I called Husband at work and asked for help. I hate asking him to do things for me. Especially when I make a mistake and am in my rare,¬†vulnerable, ‘not perfect’ state. Sure it was bad we were running late and I had to come back home to change into my riding gear. But looking into Husband’s eyes and scrambling for explanation on why I had no key ( do you take keys to sit on a front porch?!) really put a damper on my week.

Fast forward to this evening and Little J and I are having dinner. He does his usual ‘anywhere but sitting at the table’ routine and insist of having to go potty. But this time he says he has to go again a few minutes later. As he reaches the bathroom, he is calling for help. Apparently there is a problem with the door.

Sure enough, the door is locked. He turned the lock on the inside and after closing the door, it locked. I told him to go upstairs, fixed the door while he was gone, then gave him the speech on why never to do that again.

The fact that he did it to the upstairs bathroom so he could not go and brush his teeth before bedtime I will contribute to his sense of humor. I sat him down:

Me: “Did I tell you downstairs never to lock the doors again?

Little J: “I don’t remember”

Me: “What was the number on the fire engine parked on our street last month?”

Little J: “81”

I rest my case.

After I tucked him in and came downstairs I found the bathroom locked again. So I think it is safe to say we have solved the mystery of the Tuesday fiasco. See darling, I am perfect after all, but that son of yours…