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Monday Listicles

Monday hoping and skipping is to commence in 5,4,3,2…

Welcome. How are you? How was Halloween? How much of your kids candy have you eaten already? Don’t deny it, a caterpillar will fail to turn into a butterfly if you lie! For example I pinched all of Reese’s Pieces from my boy’s stash. It is only fair I think for us to get a cut of their catch right?

So this week we are sharing 10 Amazing Memories from a Not So Distant Past. Suggested by our fabulous one and only Ducky this topic is a sure winner.

I am so excited about next week I am going to jump right to it. Anja send me a great idea

but then she emailed me and came up with another one and I cannot make the decision between the two so I will let you chose:


Right now, let’s remember what recently made us happy. Here is my list.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Just yesterday Little J told me as I tucked him in: I love you mommy. You are very funny. You make me laugh all the time.
2. A few Sundays ago, after we received the biggest box of Legos from Diane my son woke up and played with them quietly in his room for 2 hours and my husband and I slept in!
3. Watching a pod of orcas passing by as we played on the beach this summer.
4. Eating the first few pears that grew on our tree. I turned it into this dessert.
5. Last night’s date night.
6. Hanging out with Ally and Rachel in Seattle one fine afternoon.
7. Ballet show Little J put on for me a few weeks ago.
8. Getting an amazing email from Alison few weeks ago.
9. Trail running with Little J and Big M one warm Saturday in October.
10. Getting ‘lost’ on our hike a few weekends ago. Little J led us out of the forest.


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Paint me a picture

It all begun back in the olden days, before I blogged or had a very posh camera or Instagram was even invented…

My son started painted oil paintings.

He painted one at two years old, one at three and one just before he turned four.

Last week he asked for a new canvas to complete his quadriptych ( his favorite number is four as you all know. )

As soon as it arrived he went to work.

Today we decided to hang them.

I laid them out to what I thought was the best grouping, but the artist disagreed.
And arranged them the way he wanted.

From top left, clockwise:
Mess made by a tornado (Little J, 2010)
Tornado (Little J, 2011)
Mess made by volcanic eruption (Little J, 2011)
Erupting Volcano (Little J, 2012)

I am so proud of him.
And the fact that he spend most of the evening sitting under his art work makes me think he is rather proud of himself too.

Here is all you need:

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

~~Dr. Seuss

Little White Whale

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Monday Listicles

Hurray for summer!!

Well not around here, yet… After we were given the most beautiful warm weather in Pacific Northwest for a week, it all went away. Raining as I type this. But on the bright side it is making my weeds grow.

I called for an easy peasy list last week so that all of you spend less time in front of the computer and more time with your loved ones during Memorial day. But even a short list of ten words only can be powerful and tell a story! It was a wonderful way to get to know more about your homes. Thank you all for playing along.

Today we are writing 10 SUMMER MEMORIES.

Next week is Ellen and Erin’s turn to choose the topic. Ladies are the beauty, brains and funny bones behind The sisterhood of sensible moms. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out what they would like us to write our lists. I had a sneak peak and it is a good one!!

First thing is first. Let me see what memories you have of summer.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!




1. My grandpa getting me my first camera from the summer fair at the seaside. He said I can have it at the end of the holiday. It squirted water. It made me feel like a real photographer. I was 4.
2. The first Scouts camping trip by lake Bohinj. Ten days, no parents. I shared a tent with Tamara. I was 7 years old. I remember we failed the cleanliness inspection one day. And we hiked all day every day. Still one of my favorite places on Earth.
3. Summer camps in Poreč. It was the highlight of my summers during Elementary school. I loved every minute.
4. Returning from summer camp when I was 12. As our bus pulled into the parking lot I noticed a very popular boy that all the girls had a crush on sitting on a bike, waiting. He came to see if I got back that day. He rode all the way downtown. He smiled at me. Later that summer he confessed he missed me those two weeks I was gone. As the summer came to an end so did his crush on me. But I remember that it made my summer of 1990.
5. Camping in 1993. It was a big deal for my parents to let me go with just a friend. We hiked along the river by the Croatian border. My dog fell into a hole in the ground. Turned out to be a 10 feet deep cave. It took us all day to rescue him. He was fine. I remember going to a restaurant we stopped at on our way home after our parents picked us up. It was the first time I saw my face in two weeks. I remember being surprised. I though I was beautiful.
6. Summer in Kenya. It changed my life. The best mashed potatoes I ever ate. The wrong turn I took and ended up in the field of elephants. The happiness on children’s faces. The gratitude. The humanity. Marta’s smile.
7. The last summer I spend with my grandpa. Taking him to our favorite spot in Bohinj. Being the driver. Feeling all grown up. His walking stick and frail body. His love for me. The tears in his eyes when we said goodbye for the last time.
8. The first summer with my husband. Laying on the beach by my family’s summer home, doing nothing. Seeing him relax and having fun. Planning our future. Having grilled calamari. Sitting by the window during a storm.
9. Little J’s first summer. The warm evenings in our back yard in England, the road trip across Europe, the first time he went to Slovenia. His first steps.
10. Every summer I spend living right here. If you ever traveled to Pacific Northwest during warm months you will understand why we never complain about the rain and the grey during the rest of the year. Nothing beats a warm summer day on our island!

Summer 2008, Koper-Slovenia

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