Punch Bug

Who said games are for kids?

It started with a long red light and a yellow VW beetle. I took a photo and shared it on Instagr.am. Two of my bloggy friends said they liked the Punchbug game and a challenge was set. Jessica @goaliej54, Liz @Lizs_b and I will be snapping bugs and tallying up at the end of the year. It is East coast VS Australia VS West coast. Kind of like rugby on ice skates and horseback, but with bugs…

Every time I leave the house I am on the lookout for a bug. I stop on the side of the road to take photos of them, I scan parking lots at the store and library, I have my son trained to stare out of Starbucks and shout Punchbug. Best of all I see bugs driving by Liz while she is traveling around Brisbane and Jessica’s finds as she is commuting in Rhode Island. And nobody actually punches me!

I have learned that we have an incredible amount of bugs on the roads of our little island. Either that or the same ten bugs drive around the same time I am dropping of Little J at preschool.

I have learned that even as an adult little silly things can brighten up your day. Games are fun at any age. Even more so when you are not in it to win it.

I have learned that I can commit to a project. I just wish I was as passionate about updating my page on Facebook and writing a major contract that I have been delaying for weeks. Or taxes…

If you are on Instagr.am join us. When you see a bug, snap it. Tag the three of us @lizs_b , @goaliej54 and @northwestmommy and hashtag #punchbug so we can give you two thumbs up. It is good to be childish sometimes. Trust me!


Baby, Baby, Baby

I always thought being a celebrity sucks. Nowhere to go, no place to hide.

I have been staying up very late, working on a project. This Sunday the boys let me sleep in. Just when I thought life could not get any better, Husband said he will take Little J out for the day so I can do my own thing. I don’t often do my own thing, as you know, so I was on cloud nine. A little bit of blogging before going to the farm was in order.

I was sitting in my PJ’s around noon, having coffee and typing away in the dinning room when someone knocked on the door. I opened sheepishly and a bunch of kids stood on my porch. This girl knocked on the door a week ago, wanting to meet Big M. Only this time she brought entourage, in double digits. She asked if my dog can come out to play. Not my kid, my dog!

Well I told her this is not a good time. Sad faces left and made me feel awful. In my defense:

-I was wearing PJ’s

-I have never met any of these kids

-I have never met any of their parents

-I have no idea what planet they are from since I know everybody in our neighborhood

-they could be dog eating aliens in search of large dinner

-I was having a kid free day, so why would I entertain someone else’s children

-I was wearing my PJ’s

In any case I recovered quickly. I had latte with a shot of hazelnut to make me forget my evilness. I finished catching up reading my favorite blogs and was about to go upstairs when I heard the stomping on my porch and saw the kids in front of the door, AGAIN.

I dived behind the dinning chair. Big M went to the front door and pressed his snout against the windows. Which followed by kids pressing all their faces on the other side. They were oohing and aahing and my dog was enjoying the attention.

What was I to do? I mean they were not going to go away, right?

I hid under the table. I waited. I was in my PJ’s but I might as well be wearing baby clothes. I sure was acting like one.


Canine equivalent of Justin Bieber.

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Wacky Thursday

Big day for me today. You will never guess what happened.

Well firstly my son went to preschool wearing my J Lo hat. Because it is wacky week. And that hat is, frankly, beyond wacky. I have no idea why I got it all those years ago.Or why I kept it. But what matters is he thinks it is cool and calls it his cowboy hat. Don’t have the heart to tell him otherwise. I even brought out an Aussie bush hat and a real cowboy hat for him to wear. He tried them on and said they are not like a cowboy hat at all. Mrs. Ada said he never took it off, not even on the field trip to the park. It covers his face, so I doubt anyone recognised him. I hope.

Wacky week is the last week of school. My son has finished his first year of Pre-K. If you do the math you will realise he is three and a half years old. This is important. And it brings me to the big reveal.

I split a babysitter tonight and went golfing with a friend. No, I did not cut the sitter in half, we split the cost. My friend V found a great young girl to come over to her house and watch our kids for an hour, before Husbands return from work. My son’s age taken into consideration, I assume you are as shocked about me leaving him with someone for the first time as you are trying to picture me playing golf.

There have been a few occasions I ditched the kid. Once I went to the theater and let my cousin watch TV while my son slept upstairs. Another time grandpa and Little J enjoyed some dude time while us ladies went to see a ballet. The few formal functions I could not wiggle out of, my neighbor or  Little J’s grandma helped out by putting him to bed for me. And recently we went out on a date while Little J went to an evening party organized by his school.

Sadly, as you can see, I can count these with my fingers. And not once have I paid a babysitter to help me out. I have no trust issues. Suppose I just never really have anywhere to go. Until today. And that is very wacky indeed.