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4.) List 7 things your pet thought about today.

I love my dog. I think my dog is a superhero. No doubt he is sweet, kind and very handsome; yet humble.

I am a reasonable person too. Dogs mostly think of food and sleep and cocking up higher then the mutt next door. My dog gets fed a meal cooked for him specially every night. He naps approximately 13 hours a day and sleeps like a log the rest. Being higher then all other dogs in the neighborhood and quite possibly the entire State of Washington he has no trouble outpeeing everyone else.

Which frees up a lot of his brain capacity and therefor makes him a genius canine.

Today he was by mistake left in the house while Husband and I went to play a round of golf. This never ever happens so I believe this is what my dog thought:

1. I cannot believe Dad left me inside the house. Honestly, I weight 165 pounds!! How could he miss me?!

2. Check for survival basics: water-one bowl, plus three toilets. Kid forgot to flush his, make that two toilets. Heat is on. 68 degrees divided by 5.2 gallons. That gives me 7 hours before I overheat. I must not consume more then 1.7 gallon an hour. OMG!!!

3. The alarm is on. Let me check: good, it’s windows and doors only. I can move.

4. Well since I am home all alone, might as well put on a movie. I think a documentary about how dogs are superior to humans is in order.

5. Maybe a beer.

6. And some cold cuts.

7. Please don’t let me have to go pee, please don’t let me have to go pee, please don’t let me …

Test drive

This post is inspired by
Mama’s Losin’ It

2.) Write about a time you pretended to be someone you aren’t.
4.) Instagram fun! Share a photo you took with Instagram this week and tell us what you love about it.

I always wanted a minivan.

When I was in high school I took bus #5. It dropped me off just around the corner. Right by the bus stop was a store and the owner would deliver to it every morning in his Pontiac Transporter. To me it was the most amazing vehicle ever. I wanted one so bad. I could put my skis in the back and my bike. There would still be plenty of space for my friends and my dog too. I imagined driving it, taking it on vacations and even moving into it. In case you are too young to know which car I am talking about, it was just like this one:

They were rare in Europe so I never got one. I did however buy myself a car as soon as I got my driving license. A brand new sports car. Followed by another. And then three more. But all along I dreamed of a minivan.

One day I went to a dealership. I was a flight attendant in the Middle East, single and in my twenties. I pulled up in my custom made Audi and walked in. The salesman ask if he could help me and I told him I was looking to buy a new car. He was going to show me the two seater but I zoomed in on a minivan. A black Chrysler Town and Country. He looked at me and quietly grabbed the keys. We drove off and as I was trying to reach the pedals and look graceful he was trying to make small talk.

“Madam, how man children you have?”

“Children?” I looked at the rear view mirror and realized there are 5 seats behind me. “Hmm… Three.”

“Very good. Most European women, they wait too long. It is better to have children young.”

“Yes, you are right. Much better.”

“This minivan very popular with drivers. Many families buy it. You have three children. How many nannies?”

“Hmmm. Nannies? One.”

“Only one?”

“Yes, she is from back home. Lovely girl.”

“I see. And your driver, he drop children to school?”

“Hmmm. Sure.”

” They will like this minivan. Very popular. Now take this turn left and we go back to saloon. I show you the new SUV for you. Or you like sports car better?”

It dawned on me there and then. Not only was I the first single woman who wanted to buy a minivan at this dealership I was the first woman ever.

I bought a BMW instead. A month later I met a man with a BMW. He liked my car me so much he married me. And many years later he bought me the same kind of minivan I took for a test drive that day.

I snapped this with my phone two days ago. Aren’t they perfect?


My day in pictures

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Mama’s Losin’ It

3. An ordinary day told by photos


Make breakfast.


Build a container ship. Or maybe a plane.



Get dressed.                    Both of us.



 Walk the dog.


Gas up, pick up some bread…


Bath time.                  Bed time.




All photos taken in past weeks. There are also days we do even less, sometimes nothing.


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