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My dear friends.

I feel like a little apology is in order. As you can see I am falling a tad behind with reading your listicles and I feel so very bad about it. Not trying to make excuses but I do have a teenager living with me and worrying about whether she is having a good time while staying with us is preoccupying 97.1% of my time. I just cannot crack her to determine if she is polite or truly having a fun even if she does look like she swallowed a lemon. My husband keeps saying that she is a teen like any other, but I am sure it’s all my fault. I really want to have our exchange student loving her time spent with us. Any advice?

While I ponder my shortcomings of being a host family, let’s share 10 PHOTOS OF LIFE WITH KIDS. This topic is courtesy of Christine. I am really excited because you know I love photos!

Next week Amanda says:


Let me see what your days look like!
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Mountain VS Volcano

Little J, aged 3 years 11 months and 2 days, was hanging out with his buddy T, aged 3 years 10 months and a day.

They build a city together with Legos, shared cars and took turns at the playground. They ate their snacks and agreed on a show they wanted to watch. They even put together a puzzle as a team. Then they sat down to flick through the National Geographic magazine.

Little J: Look T, a volcano.

T: That is not a volcano, it is a mountain.

Little J: No it is not. It is a volcano.

T: It is a mountain.

Little J: But it has a hole on the top and smoke coming out.

T: I know, sorry, it is a mountain.

Little J: But it is not pointy. It is a volcano.

T: It is a mountain, volcanos are mountains.

Little J: No, sorry, you don’t know about volcanos. They have lava and they erupt.

T: No, sorry, I know about lava. It is hot and red. And this is a mountain. There is no lava in this picture.

Little J: No, but there is smoke. Because this is a volcano.

T: It is a mountain too.

Little J: It is not.

T: Yes it is.

Little J: No, it is not.




Little J: Volcano!

T: Mountain.

Little J: Volcano.

T: Mountain.

25 minutes later, no closer to the resolution. I spend the day with two of the geekiest preschoolers in Pacific NW. The home of Mount St. Helens.

Let's BEE Friends

Baby, Baby, Baby

I always thought being a celebrity sucks. Nowhere to go, no place to hide.

I have been staying up very late, working on a project. This Sunday the boys let me sleep in. Just when I thought life could not get any better, Husband said he will take Little J out for the day so I can do my own thing. I don’t often do my own thing, as you know, so I was on cloud nine. A little bit of blogging before going to the farm was in order.

I was sitting in my PJ’s around noon, having coffee and typing away in the dinning room when someone knocked on the door. I opened sheepishly and a bunch of kids stood on my porch. This girl knocked on the door a week ago, wanting to meet Big M. Only this time she brought entourage, in double digits. She asked if my dog can come out to play. Not my kid, my dog!

Well I told her this is not a good time. Sad faces left and made me feel awful. In my defense:

-I was wearing PJ’s

-I have never met any of these kids

-I have never met any of their parents

-I have no idea what planet they are from since I know everybody in our neighborhood

-they could be dog eating aliens in search of large dinner

-I was having a kid free day, so why would I entertain someone else’s children

-I was wearing my PJ’s

In any case I recovered quickly. I had latte with a shot of hazelnut to make me forget my evilness. I finished catching up reading my favorite blogs and was about to go upstairs when I heard the stomping on my porch and saw the kids in front of the door, AGAIN.

I dived behind the dinning chair. Big M went to the front door and pressed his snout against the windows. Which followed by kids pressing all their faces on the other side. They were oohing and aahing and my dog was enjoying the attention.

What was I to do? I mean they were not going to go away, right?

I hid under the table. I waited. I was in my PJ’s but I might as well be wearing baby clothes. I sure was acting like one.


Canine equivalent of Justin Bieber.

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