Rugs are my drugs

I totally stole that from Nez’s Instagram feed.

Here’s why. I have exactly 77 hours left until huge moving trucks park in front of my house and start packing my life away. Today I was meant to organize everything because tomorrow Julian is playing violin at his end of school year recital and that really leaves me less then 48 hours to get everything sorted. Clearly I am running out of time.

Naturally what I chose to do today instead is get a new rug. I love rugs. I am obsessed with rugs. I would cover my floors with them and then cover rugs with more rugs. In fact if it was up to me my whole house would be full of nothing but rugs, art, chocolate and cheese. I was introduced to Nez’s beautiful online store via Instagram and I have officially clocked one full 8 hour shift staring at the rugs, trying to decide which one to order.

Finally I thought, how about I ask you? Clearly I am nowhere closer to choosing and I must go to bed so here are my favorites:

can you see those Star motives? Woman who has made this rug was praying about happiness and babies. I think she wanted to have a baby girl 🙂 Today when we were laying rugs and taking their photos, one couple from that village approached and started asking questions. I love so much when it happens cause I am always so eager to learn new stories!! Man said that his wife also was making rugs. Actualy she had to learn to make a rug. Cause in those times groom's family would not let their son be married with a girl that can not weave rugs 🙂 Every girl who wanted to get married first had to make a kilim. And she learnt and made a rug to be togeather with the man she loves ! Isn't it sweet and touchy??Such a lovely couple. We talked a lot today about rugs. The man was telling us about his childhood and his mother who was creating wonderful rugs all her life. KAIRA rug 5.4×12.3 feet 167×375 cm

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Also this pillow:

Am I right??? Stunning.

Before you ask this is me narrowing down to favorites. Because really I could just have them all. I hope Mrs. Kaya doesn’t mind me displaying her Instagram pictures. It is for the sole purpose of you helping me choose my new carpet. I need to know by Monday so it can arrive here on time for the movers to load it on the truck!!! Help!

Vote here:

Which rug should I get?

DIY Instagram wall

Hello everyone!

Just when you thought I was gone for good I am back with something cute.

There are a lot of changes coming up in my family’s life this summer and I am planning to sit down and tell you all about it. Don’t worry, I am not braking up with you. In fact the news is good, but I cannot really find a category to squeeze it in so I will need to sleep on it before I announce it to the world. You want a hint? It has a lot to do with my blogs name…

One of the things I have started doing lately is purging, reorganizing and preparing for the future. Hence I decided to make a wall to display all my favorite Instagrams. The kind I can take on and off whenever I need to. I initially thought about getting a stick on white board but after some googling around I found a lot of advice on how to create one on my own for a fraction of a price that actual white boards cost. I then decided against the white board part of my white board. I want it to be magnetic but I have no plans to write on it. So I kind of modified this fab tutorial by Jenny Komenda.

I am pretty chuffed how it turned out and I wanted to share it with you. Before you get all excited I have no plans on doing DIY around the house in the future. Manly because as it turns out I am rather rubbish at it. But also because of my dogs. Let me explain:

First I bought Galvanized Metal sheets from Home Depot. It’s the only store we have on the island for this kind of stuff. They also let us bring our dogs along when we shop. Take it from me, you will not be able to self checkout with a child, two huge dogs and 4 big metal sheets. Perhaps this is one of those time you might consider leaving your dogs at home. Hence no photographic proof of step one.

We also picked up RUST-OLEUM Latex Aluminum Primer and slapped one coat on the sheets:


What I learned is that it’s all in the wrist and that dog hair sticks on fresh paint. And no matter how much you try picking it up as you apply the paint you will end up with at least 5 hairs per square inch.
Project 2

Leave it to dry overnight. Vacuum the floor really well to remove all dog hair before proceeding to paining the metal sheets white. Apply nice thick coats of paint. This is the one I used:


Be generous and don’t worry about bubbles. What I learned is that painting is very much fun and relaxing and that dog hair is everywhere. In the end all the vacuuming did nothing because as I left the sheets to dry for 24 hours wet paint attracted an equal amount of hair as primer did. Come to terms with hair, have cake, move on.

I then attached 4 Velcro strips to each metal sheet. I used these:

Easy peasy.

Next you print your Instagram. I was send a whole lotta prints and magnets by the fab people at Sticky9. You can use this code to get 20% off your order: 20OFFIG .


Then get a cute kid to help you put them all up. We got Neodymium Magnets to attach the paper prints. The little magnet prints of course stick to the surface by themselves.


And there you have it. Here’s Max modeling in front of our DIY Instagram wall. As you can see although at least 200 pieces of his hair are stuck on my magnetic boards he is just as hairy as ever.


This week

I am really loving who my son is turning into as he is growing up.

Today he played with a group of boys at the school playground and after they wanted to do the usual good guys bad guys shooting type scenario he suggested they play Santas instead. So they pretended they were Santa and on a deadline to deliver presents to children and each of them was in charge of a continent and they had to rescue their reindeers from animal jail cause they got busted for speeding. And it was fabulous. My kid has imagination like no other and he is making this world a better place. Love this kid of ours.

In other news I got a text from my friend Allie. She is a little younger and a whole lot more hipster then I am so usually I have to google what she is talking about. Like that time everyone was talking about me reaching the magic 10k and I was too shy to admit that I never ran more then 6 kilometers ever, so I smiled and said thank you instead. Turns out they were talking about me having 10.000 followers on Instagram. But this time when Allie asked me if I became suggested I totally knew what she meant. Just so happens I checked my emails not long before that and saw that Instagram send me one congratulating me on becoming a suggested user. They called me a model Instagrammer and it made me a little teary eyed. And not because I realized they didn’t mean model as in Heidi Klum kinda model. Cause after all it is really nice when the community you love and spend so much time sharing with tells you that you are one of a kind. Seriously made my day.

Anyway I was a little suspicious that Allie knew about my big news just moments after it happened. At first I thought she must be in San Francisco having donuts at Instagram HQ talking about me. But she told me she was at home so clearly there had to be some other explanation. She must be a spy. Or maybe an alien. Whatever it was it was worrying me until she informed me that Instagram started following me so that indicates I am now a suggested one. Wait a minute. Instagram is on Instagram?! How confusing.

Then this afternoon I am scrolling through Facebook and I watched a video a friend posted about some airline surprising all the passengers on their transatlantic flight by buying them presents they asked Santa for. Which made me cry. Genuine happiness on people’s faces is second to none. I went on scrolling through news from friends and such, liking random funny thoughts and silly photos and then there is my son, in an ad. Seriously freaked me out. In a good way but oh my. Surreal.

I took a photo of it cause nobody would believe me otherwise, right?



Before you ask, no I did not see Julian’s commercial on the telly. We don’t have cable. Actually we do have cable we just never set it up. I did try to connect the box on Thanksgiving morning so we could see it but get this: I did not have the right cable to set up the cable. The irony…
So today was the first time I saw the commercial pop up. Really chuffed to be honest. Just like I am about my boy playing Santas and my life being happy.

This post is starting to make no sense and sounding a little braggy. Possibly because I should be sleeping. Life has been so crazy busy past few months I have all these things to tell you and posts written in my head and I really need to get back to blogging because I miss it so.

Why don’t you tell me what’s new with you?