Wordless Wednesday

Wild and free

I snuck out to the farm this afternoon.

Normally I only ride when my son is in preschool but husband had a day off so I took advantage of it. I reasoned that I had to wash the dog anyway after brushing him for hours, so I really had no choice…

I saddled up and went for a trail ride. All the horses were put away in stalls for the night, pastures were empty and deer were feeding on the grass by the track. Max was soaked from the shower I gave him earlier and smelling like Mane’n tail. He was trotting along, his tail hi up, probably fancying himself a bit of a horse too. Vizon was feeling rather competitive, wanting to race my dog. I sat there, controlling his pace, wandering what goes through his mind as I ride him on a late summer afternoon.

They both noticed the deer grazing and dog charged after him. As if he was ever going to catch him. And if so, what would he do with him anyway? Vizon was staring at the chase, wanting to trot faster. We took the curb and rode over the leaves that have started falling in the past week. The sound of them crushing under my horses huffs, my dog panting by the side of us, trying to catch up and the breeze on my face made me happy. Riding on a quiet afternoon, on an empty farm, alone, made me happy.

Then the guilt came over me. What kind of mother am I? My happiest moment of the day is spend with my animals. What kind of wife am I? When I think of a perfect afternoon, my husband’s role in it is one of a babysitter. What kind of friend am I? Being glad that I waved at my girlfriends leaving through the gate as I entered the farm?

I looked at the time. Then I decided to go another lap around the racetrack. And we galloped all the way. Max and Vizon racing, the dust on the track lifting up behind us. Nobody could see us through it, so I smiled. I will hug my boy, kiss my man and spend time with my friends later. But right now we will run free.

( I wrote this couple of months ago. )

Monday Listicles

They say there is a little kid in us all.

Must be true, because it seemed very easy for us all to list ten things that are great about childhood. I was all giddy reading about how great our kids have it and reminiscing about good old carefree days. Thank you all for joining the Listicles, I am excited to read more from you this week.

In case you missed it, Terri chose the topic for us this time around and it is a breeze. Just list ten things/people/services that make your lives easier. Terri promised us a photo of her rice cooker. Warning: anyone listing cleaning services that come once a week to tidy up your house should do so at their own risk. The good life blog will not offer any sympathy or emotional support when jealousy occurs.

Next is Miss Marina Star’s turn to choose what we should write about. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find her among this week’s listicles and see what topic she would like us to write on. Quick directions: follow the star, click and you will find Marina, a funny mom of two, a pretty wife of one and a woman that saves lives at night. Also a great writer. Practically a superhero.

But first, a list of things that make our lives a breeze.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!


10 things/people/services that make my life easier

1. My dog

I go most days without my son doing anything the first time he is asked. That is when I look at my dog and say sit. And he does.

2. My Apples

Thanks to Steve Jobs I have my private orchard. That makes having five a day very easy. Talk about healthy.

3. Amazon

Because everything I ever buy is just a click and an overnight delivery away.


It entertained me as a child, it entertains my child, it entertains me as an adult. LOVE LEGO!

5. My espresso machine

I refuse to ever live without one again. Thank you Mia for letting Santa know I must own one!

6. Our toothbrushes

My son got his Sonic Toothbrush when he turned 4 and we now brush our teeth together. Two minutes twice a day is fun in my house.

7. Tools of my trade

I used to try on my shoes to cheer me up. Now I unpack my camera bag and try on my lenses.

8. My son’s preschool

3 times a week my boy goes to the super fun place so I can ride and do my own thing. It means so much to us both.

9. Vizon

He is an Arabian show horse. But look:

Thank you Danielle for training Vizon and Nola for teaching my son.

10. You lot

My Listicles crowd makes me look forward to Mondays!