Giving thanks

Every day I am thankful for

my family. For our health and happiness. For my son’s smile and his spirit. For Husband’s kindness and sacrifices. For my dog’s obedience and devotion. For my horse’s patience and beauty. For our home and our island. For moody weather and ocean breeze. For fluffy clouds and soaring eagles. For comfy pillows and hot showers. For the smell and taste of coffee. For the taste and smell of chocolate.

For my friends and neighbors. For Simmy Sim. For family far and even farther. For my readers and my online friends. For everyone who joins Monday Listicles and reads others. For all who choose me to capture their moments. For my camera and my talent.

For being loved. For being well. For being slobbered on. For being challenged. For being silly. For laughing so much and crying so little. For having so much to be thankful for.

Today I am also thankful for being my own boss and giving myself time off for Thanksgiving.

Wishing you much to be thankful for, today and every day.

To the one I love

Today is your day.

For every ribbon you wear there was courage. For every rank you achieved, there was sacrifice. For every mission you completed, there was commitment. You have given half of your life to protect our land and secure our freedom. You serve with your heart and your knowledge to safeguard our future. I am so proud of you. You are our son’s hero.

May you always have fair winds and following seas. May you always touch down safe and return home to us.

To all who have served, thank you. May your kindness never be forgotten.

Army strong

Driving to preschool today:

Little J: Mama what is army?

Me: What do you mean, what is army?

Little J: I mean, what is army? What do they do?

Me: Army is a group of brave men and women protecting our freedom.

Little J: Also they knock people down.

Me: How do they knock people down?

Little J: They kick them, then they fall.

Me: Son, who told you this?

Little J: We talk about this in school.

Me: Miss Ada teaches you about US Army?

Little J: Not Mrs. Ada. Chris told me. It is super important.

Me: Yes, I agree. It is important. One day, I will tell you all about it. But not now. And they don’t knock people down just like that.

Little J: I remember! They are made out of metal. You can not knock them down once they are made out of metal.

Me: (Here we go again) Are we talking about Transformers?

Little J: No, silly. About the army Transformers are knocking down.

Me: (really needing a quiet lie down) Let’s talk about something else. Where are you going on a field trip today?

Turns out they had to skip the field trip cause they are running behind on end of the year evaluations. Great, gave my son some more classroom time to kill with stories about military tactics…


Regardless of how much I shield my son from anything to do with guns, even Transformers, I dedicate this post to all serving. I realized while writing this post US Army is celebrating it’s 236 Birthday this week. To all, I salute you.