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Koo Koo Giveaway

Guess what?

Remember Koo Koo Kanga Roo? The super fun duo that sings and dances and gets the party started? Yep, those guys!

Well we have been having a whole lotta fun with their exercise video lately and the rock stars themselves send us a Dance-A-Long Party DVD to give away to a friend of ours!!

Wanna be that friend? JUST LEAVE A COMMENT BELLOW WITH A QUESTION YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO ASK BRYAN AND NEIL . They might even tell you if Unicorns are real and why their shoes are golden!
If you feel like you need to get to know them better before you start drilling these two celebrities you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You have until Sunday, 26th of January 7PM Pacific time to enter this giveaway. I will choose a winner with a help of an app ( naturally ) and send out the DVD anywhere in the world. I will also get the winner the answer to their question. Cause I am awesome like that!

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. However the prize for this giveaway was a generous donation by the Koo Koo Kangaroo Band.

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Black Friday

Happy day after Thanksgiving.

Also known as turkey sandwich day. And if you are lucky like us, lounging around doing nothing day. Not to mention Black Friday.

It sounds a bit morbid I guess but it is anything but! Yupppeeee for sales. Great deals to be found, new pretty things to be bought.

If you are buying a new camera or know someone who will, this is the day to do so. Every shop will make you a great deal on one. But what do you do with it once you bring it home?

I have told you about Rob and Lauren, about what great photographers they are, about how awesome their site is, about how generous they are with freebies for both enthusiasts and professional photographers. Honestly, most of my wedding photography business was build or inspired by their Simple Wedding tutorial.

So in order for you to return to your pumpkin pie as soon as possible I have a quick announcement and I will sign off.

Until next Tuesday:

Yep! Please promise me you that if these holidays bring you or anyone you know a fancy new DSLR camera you will get a Camera Skills tutorial and rock that baby in three hours flat. You owe it to your camera to use it in Manual Mode!!

Not to mention they have a great giveaway to match the sale, so CLICK HERE and head over for your chance to win a new camera and a fancy bag for it!

Happy shopping.

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I heart Photography Concentrate

Hi, my name is Stasha and I am cheap.

Kind of anyway. I don’t mind spending on gadgets and chocolate, but I always think that I can do things on my own when it comes to service. I have been known to highlight my hair, clean my carpets, unblock the toilet and scale my dog’s teeth. Some with better results then others. Let me just say my son is lucky he has no cavities. And I now find time to go to hairdressers every six weeks.

It is not necessarily money that I am trying to save. But since I have become a stay at home mom I try to do it all. Guilt I suppose… So when I first started learning about photography you could find me on Youtube at 3 AM watching videos of strange men talking about aperture and tutorials on how to edit brown eyes to appear more vivid.

I have come a long way since, mostly due to my insomnia and perseverance. But if I could do it all again I would start by clicking here :


then also downloading this:

photo editing tutorial

and skipping a few lattes a month to pay for both tutorials. Sometimes you really do have to spend a little to save a lot.

Why? Because time is precious and if you know how to set up your camera to take photos the way you want early on, your photography journey will be so much more fun. Not to mention the time you will save by editing them efficiently.

Rob and Lauren share our passion for photography. They talk about it in a simple and easy to understand way and their love for it is contagious. Their website is packed with free advice and great blog posts about their equipment, experiences and even failures. I just really like them, that is all. And if you visit their blog you will see why.

Now for a special treat: Here is a chance for you to win an Extremely essential Camera skills tutorial (valued at $50):

To enter

leave a comment telling me which of the freebies on Photography Concentrate you simply must have right now.

If you cannot choose one, that is OK too. I downloaded them all…

For an extra entry you can tell me which of their Top 10 posts of 2011 was your favorite.

If you have done both I will let you enter again by leaving another comment. About anything you want, presumably my greatness.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review. I have purchased both these tutorials and fell in love with them without anyone twisting my arm. Lauren offered me one to give away so you all can take amazing photos just like me her. After telling everyone about how great Photo Concentrate is I became an affiliate today. Because I am a slow learner. But that is OK. In the end I just really wanted you to have as much fun taking pictures as I do.

Very official rules: Anyone can enter, as long as you are old enough to type a comment. I will close this giveaway on Tuesday, 3rd of January next year, 9PM Pacific time. Winner will be chosen by a WP plugin randomly and notified via email. Good luck.


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