1337 Family

I have mentioned it many times before that my online presence in the past few years brought many wonderful people into my life that I am proud to now call friends.

Last week Works made a stop on our island during their epic journey in which they are planning to visit all state parks and live life simple and rich. I adored them even as I followed their adventures through their photos and website. But it is still amazing how we clicked as soon as we shook hands and became friends over some great burgers Joshua served up and a hike. Best of all our sons had a great time playing together.

They are such inspiring and fun family. I really love how passionate Joshua and Jessa are about making the most of this beautiful world, loving and enjoying it fully every day while having only a few possessions and so many amazing memories. So much so I decided to declutter my life and get rid of everything that does not serve me. I locked myself up in a walk in that I share with my husband and I went through all my clothes. Two hours later I managed to throw away two credit card receipts I must have hidden so hubby wouldn’t know that I went a little overboard at the outlet mall. Clearly I am work in progress…

As with all other times when I have the most amazing company and great adventures I completely forgot to take any photos to prove it. Lucky for you, Works recently told their story to Dark Rye Magazine and here it is:

Tomorrow Somewhere New from Dark Rye on Vimeo.

Happy Travels my dear friends!

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday shenanigans

It has been a while since I have published a comic. So here you go, before you start sending complaints…