Weekend treat

We planned for a nice meal that had sweet potato and pear side dish. Husband bought all the ingredients but was running late from work, so I was left to cook. I looked in the pantry for pears but all I found were apples, so I improvised. It turned out OK.

Of course the pears were there. They were red. I just assumed they would be yellow. So now I have rather unripe pears and no chocolate on a Friday night.

This is what is simmering on my stove at the moment:


Poached Ginger Pears


Poached Ginger Pears
Photo: David Prince
Serves 4| Hands-On Time: 15m | Total Time: 25m



  1. Combine 1 cup water with sugar, whole cloves, and ground ginger in a large, deep skillet. Heat to simmering, then add the pears to the liquid.
  2. Cook, basting occasionally, until tender yet firm, about 10 minutes. Remove the pears. Increase heat to high. Boil the liquid until it is reduced and syrupy.
  3. Pour over the pears. Serve warm or chilled.

By Jane Kirby and Leslie Pendleton,  April 2004

Nutritional Information

  • Per Serving
  • Calories 195
  • Calcium 17mg
  • Carbohydrate 51g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Fat 0g
  • Fiber 5g
  • Iron 0mg
  • Protein 1mg
  • Sat Fat 0g
  • Sodium 2mg

Recipe courtesy of www.realsimple.com.

Glass half full of apricots

Winston Churchill said Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

As I write this I am eating a cheesecake that I found in the fridge. It is sugar free and has no base. Tastes nice but can we even call it a cake or is it just flavored cream cheese? But all this began last week.

My dearest received a big parcel and said it’s for me. To my surprise it was a gift basket filled with gourmet dried fruits. I don’t remember ever mentioning my love for dried fruit. Sure we always have some lying around, mostly for Little J’s car snacking or adding to couscous but to treat it as dessert, never! I am willing to try new things so I smiled and kissed him gratefully. He said he knew I would like it cause the girl in his office does. Strike two. And hun they are healthy. Three, you are out!

I am to denounce chocolate, eat more healthy presumably indicating I am fat and who is this chick in your office anyway?! But I refuse to be negative so I got Little J hooked on cinnamon fuji apples and have been trading him his chocolate pocky sticks since.

So this cheesecake leads me me to believe it was not an isolated incident and for some reason my Husband is replacing my daily dessert intake with healthier options. He thinks he is clever wrapping them up as presents or calling them cake but I am one step ahead. And as much as I dislike food shopping I will go tomorrow and raid the chocolate aisle. But fear not, my official reason for this field trip is the fact that we ran out of milk. That’s called attitudious. One step ahead of you darling, one step ahead…

Dinner time

We all have grand ideas. Our kids will be talented, successful and all that jazz. I am of a thought he will be who he will be and I have a rather good feeling about it. Lucky for me little J rarely disappoints. He is great to be around and lots of fun. But dinner time is… Perhaps a little bit of a let down. Granted this is a sore spot for husband and I since we are a tad snobby about food, really enjoy cooking(him) and eating(me) and want to celebrate the day by eating as a family.

But Little J has it figured out. At the table is his five minutes of fame. He puts on an Oscar worthy performance and switches scenario on us daily so we can’t anticipate and react accordingly. The end result is us trying not to laugh, then us begging and pleading and then saying things and making promises that you would cringe if you heard. Somehow we make it thru every night and there is always a desert at the end. Not as a reward mind you but more as a consolation prize. Thank you for participating, in your face mommy resolutions and well done three year old for making us beg to eat what I bet you liked to begin with.

Yep, we always had grand ideas about our family and at dinner time we are grand indeed…