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Countdown to Christmas : Photography Concentrate

As promised I will roll up my sleaves and tell you about some of my favorite picks for Christmas presents this year. These are all tried and tested by me or my family and come from small businesses that deserve your attention.

It’s only fair I begin with Photography concentrate, a fantastic couple of professional photographers who create great tutorials to teach you everything there is about digital photography, editing and how to make it your career if you choose to. I came across their site years ago looking for a way to teach myself how to use Adobe Lightroom efficiently and have been a huge fan ever since. All my friends I told about it and have since learned how to rock their cameras in manual mode agreed that these short, concise tutorials are amazing.

Because they currently have a huge Black Friday event going on I will talk less so you can go and shop more. Just CLICK HERE to see the tutorials and grab a few at 40-60% less until 5th December! They make great gifts for anyone getting a new camera or someone who got one last year but still uses it in Auto mode. For those who splurged on Photoshop or Lightroom only to sit in front of their screen frustrated trying to figure out what to do with it. Or for yourself. Cause one can never know too much!

This year they have some great new tutorials:

Incredibly Important Composition Skills

backup or die banner


And my personal favorites, which I still refer to often:


super photo editing skills

Happy shopping!

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Monday Listicles

I am running a little late today due to some epic night geocaching I did with the boys. So let me quickly post my listicle and invite you to join me with your Christmas memories!

Next week: 10 APPS. They say there is an app for everything, but is there really?

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. When I was 4 years old my aunt got me a very fashionable tracksuit. I was kinda hoping for toys I guess. And it was way too big for me, so I didn’t get to enjoy it anyway. Not that I actually remember all this but I remember a photo in our family’s photo album of my aunt putting on a blue tracksuit on me while I looked really miserable.

2. When I was 7 years old our cat climbed up the Christmas tree and knock it over. All of my grandma’s glass ornaments were shattered.

3. I remember going to the National opera and ballet for a Christmas performance with grandpa as a young teenager. Not sure what we saw but I think it was an operetta.I remember it was a magical night for me.

4. I got dumped by my first boyfriend during Christmas break when I was 15. Only time anyone broke up with me and we did get back together a month later. But he really broke my heart at the time. I dumped him 7 years later so I guess we are even.

5. My first year working abroad I got 3 days off over Christmas and I took an 8 hour flight to Frankfurt, 10 hour train ride to Ljubljana and a bus drive to the hospital my grandpa was admitted to after stroke to surprise him. I traveled back a few hours later so I could get back to Bahrain in time for work.

6. I worked all the Christmases during my flying carrier. My favorite was a trip to Katmandu I was called out from standby to do a day before Christmas. The hotel had the biggest and prettiest Christmas tree which I did not expect so it really made me happy when I entered lobby. So many wonderful memories from that trip.

7. I bought our first Christmas tree on sale in a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. We still use it 8 years later. I put it up in our apartment and surprised Jason as he returned from deployment just in time to celebrate our first Christmas together.

8. Little J was born just in time for the holidays and shared his first Christmas with Max sleeping under the Christmas tree. Cannot believe they were both small enough to fit under there.

9. We spend Boxing day with our neighbors in England our last year there and it was a very special day. Miss them so.

10. Last year we drove by Santa riding on the firetruck and we flagged him down stopping all the traffic so Little J could visit him! After all that trouble my son declared that he has no desire to hang out with a man dressed up as Santa, no matter how real he might look. I was really embarrassed explaining to Santa my five year old is over him.

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Monday Listicles

Brrrr. Baby it’s cold out there!

Oddly enough, although I am not a big shopper cold weather always makes me want to go out and spend money. Not sure if I just like winter outfits better or feel like I could do with another jacket but I find myself browsing online stores for warm shoes and clothes a lot this time of the year. Lucky for me there are great deals to be found. I was just laughing with hubby today about my latest purchase, a fancy and very expensive down vest that I scored for under $30. It is so warm and perfect except for the fact that it is the ugliest bright blue color ever. Even the name is awful, sea glass. But the black one was over $200 and I am at the point in my life where price and functionality wins over style. We went for a hike and Bruce decided to take a dip in the stinkiest black mud pond ever. After I washed him when we got home I realized he rubbed all over my new vest which is now more black then sea blue. Guess Bruce turned my $30 vest into a $200 one in 2 minutes flat. But if any of you know how to get black mud stains out of clothes, I will appreciate it. Otherwise I must get back out there and roll the back of the vest in the mud soon…

So if you are anything like me and in a shopping mode these days listicle will be a breeze this week. I was going to write about how all I want for Christmas is being with my loved ones and world peace but lets be real, I need some fluffy socks so I am totally sending this list to Santa. Join me!


Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. 100 acres somewhere remote in Alaska by the ocean.

2. Fluffy, warm socks.

3. Anything from Fox and the fawn store. She is on vacation right now but these rings were made by Kayla:

4. Flannel shirt (I have no idea what is wrong with me).

5. Nice, warm PJs.

6. Bear canister.

7. These cups.

8. One of these calendars featuring my dogs.

moochiecreative on Pinterest.

9. Boozy chocolate truffles.

10. Peace on Earth (just in case Santa reads this after all).

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