Blogging troubles

I feel like the time has come for me to come clean.

Blogging is hard. Not because I run out of things to say and photos to post. Not because it is an enormous time suck that takes most of my evenings, day after day. Not because it is the least paid job in the world. Which it is!

Blogging will connect you. All of the sudden you will have hundreds of friends who are talented and share their lives with brilliant posts that are well worth visiting. You will read, laugh, ponder, comment. You will look forward to checking their blogs. Through them you will meet others…

And most of these new found friends will host a link up. A great one too. To share your content. To inspire you to write about an interesting topic, to give you the opportunity to enter a writing or photography challenge, to help you with a prompt when you are low on ideas, to make it simple for you to put together a post when you are running out of time, to share your favorite joke, recipe, shoes, memory, pins…

This is why I find blogging hard. I want to play along. I DO! I see a great link up and think “I must remember to participate”. But with my Monday Listicles I burn out. And I am sorry. Not linking to my friends memes gives me that awful feeling, like when my son nags me to play hungry hippos right in the middle of me draining pasta from the hot pot. I want to, but we also have to eat.

I sat down to write about some of the posts I enjoyed reading in January. As I started looking around, copying and pasting I realized I will not be going to bed before midnight yet again. That I will feel like rubbish for not including everyone I want to.

So please forgive me. Know that I read your blogs. That I comment on maybe half of the ones I read. That I enjoy spending time in your company, reading about your life. That sometimes when you share something I can relate to it helps me thorough a rough day. That I find myself often thinking about stories I read or planning to take a photo you inspired me to.

These are some of the link ups I would join every week if it had a hundred days :

Poetry WorkshopVlog TalkLet's BEE FriendsiPhone Photo PhunMama’s Losin’ It

And I am linking this to:

Dinner time, take 2

I am joining Jamie and Mommy2Cents today in a fun link up they created:


Plain and simple, all they ask is for us to repost one of the entries published the first week of us blogging.

Here is what I had to say in the third post I ever wrote on my blog. Feel free to go an comment on the original entry, since it has nothing but spam comments. Which I even made an effort to respond to! That is how green I was…


Posted March 9th 2011 at 23:20 by Stasha

We all have grand ideas. Our kids will be talented, successful and all that jazz. I am of a thought he will be who he will be and I have a rather good feeling about it. Lucky for me little J rarely disappoints. He is great to be around and lots of fun. But dinner time is… Perhaps a little bit of a let down. Granted this is a sore spot for husband and I since we are a tad snobby about food, really enjoy cooking(him) and eating(me) and want to celebrate the day by eating as a family.

But Little J has it figured out. At the table is his five minutes of fame. He puts on an Oscar worthy performance and switches scenario on us daily so we can’t anticipate and react accordingly. The end result is us trying not to laugh, then us begging and pleading and then saying things and making promises that you would cringe if you heard. Somehow we make it thru every night and there is always a desert at the end. Not as a reward mind you but more as a consolation prize. Thank you for participating, in your face mommy resolutions and well done three year old for making us beg to eat what I bet you liked to begin with.

Yep, we always had grand ideas about our family and at dinner time we are grand indeed…

Please don’t have me arrested

Up until a month ago I was minding my own business. Perhaps slightly deprived of adult conversation, but that was entirely my fault. You all know by now how I feel about communication and my CALL ME NOT policy.

Well I am who I am and so as not to fall from everyone’s grace I tried to update my Facebook page often, post pictures and thoughts. Every time I wanted to convey a funny story I got cut off. Too long. I was squeezing it in, cutting it, rationing verbs and nouns too no avail. Family and friends around the world would wake up wanting to know what we were up to (surly their day evolves around nothing but) and I would fail them yet again. I knew I needed to buy my own space, unlimited and uncensored, so I could let everybody know we are alive and well and having a blast.

I bought this rather annoying movie about a mommy in NYC, mostly because I read that it opened to ridiculously low box office results and felt bad for Uma Thurman. That’s when I first heard of a mommy blogger. Other then reading my brother in law’s blog years ago I never followed any. So less then a month after starting one, I have no idea how I came about doing this. Sleep deprivation is an incredible thing…

In order to learn how to create a blog I started reading them. You might think I am archaic, but I never realized this was so popular. There is a lot out there. I would look at them mostly to see their features and layouts. It wasn’t until google introduced me to Motherhood in NYC that I started reading the contents. That led me to others and if you look on the bottom of my page these are the ones I now read religiously.

These are also the bloggers that I fear will be putting a restraining order against me. I never, ever followed any celebrity. Never cared much for the lives of others. The only time I watched reality TV was while stuck in a hotel room in Dar es Salaam with nothing but a 24 hour Big Brother on the television. Trust me, jet legged and sleepless staring at strangers snoring on bunk beds of your screen will cure anyone’s curiosity. That was until now.

I wake up and tell myself I will be cool and calm and not check Twitter. But I do. I tell myself I will refrain from commenting on people’s tweets. But I do. I read their blogs and click off the page before I can write a comment. But then I go back and I do. It is a force stronger then me. It took some funny New York and Texas moms and their friends to turn me into what Hollywood and the Royal family never could. A shameless fan, also known as a stalker.

Which brings me to my confession: I, NW Mommy am indeed a mom that blogs, loves reading other blogs and have an addiction to blogging. It is a slippery slope, so be warned. And unless you, my dearest family, friends and faithful readers start commenting on my posts more frequently, I will continue to roam the Internet in search of conversation I can type. Or you can always start your own blog which I pledge to get addicted to.

As for celebrities who complain about having followers, don’t believe them. Every time you stop by and share my life my heart skips a beat. I just hope Marinka, Gigi, Stephanie, Wendi and Neil feel the same way…