I am instagood

It is no secret I love Instagram.

The idea of using my phone as camera, snapping the moment, editing the photo and instantly posting my work for the world to see in 17 seconds flat is the best thing ever for a photographer like me. They are easy to print and I even display them on our walls. Best of all once I stopped taking my camera with me every day my son has relaxed and is enjoying having his picture taken. In fact he now directs most of them and although I post them publicly, my instagram photos are my most personal work. The most treasured moments of my life with my family, I snap our secret spots, I snap my boys as they are, I snap our daily stories as they evolve.

In the past few months, since I have actively been posting photos daily, a community has grown around me. I have met artists I adore, peeked into lives of bloggers I follow, been inspired by beauty from all over the world. I have made friends I met because of our love of gramming and shared a chat and a cup of cocoa with. Instagram for me is what Facebook or Twitter is for many. A social media platform that I communicate via the most.

But I can assure you it has never been my dream to become popular or recognized. As much as I blush when I am told by strangers they love my work and flattered by hundreds of likes on photos I publish, I truly don’t care about the numbers. If I did I would take more time framing the shot, editing it. I would perhaps put more thought into what it is that my image is trying to convey. I would post less. I would think about it more. And it would begin to feel like work again. Which it is not. It is my hobby, my outlet and my fun and happy place.

Nevertheless fame came.

First Ilana from Mommy Shorts paid me a huge compliment by featuring me as her top 10 mom Instagramers on Babel. I was so very chuffed because I heart Ilana and her photos and well hello, IT’S BABLE!! Then Say Media chose me as their pick of 9 moms to follow on Instagram and that kinda made my week, cause I came in well before Pink! Babble featured me in their article 50 Instagram pictures of summer and then Copygram featured me as their pick of the day. All of this made my heart beat a bit faster and put a smile on my face.

Then on Tuesday I woke up and my phone was lit up with notifications. A whole lot of people liked my photo and even though it was a cute little click I was surprised. Then I noticed a message from my close friend Mel (who is a major celebrity on Instagram) saying congrats. I have recently started going to the gym, which she has been incredibly supportive of so I figured she was happy about my little stint on the elliptical machine. Then again, why would she say: wake up, you got to see it. And knowing me all too well, she took a picture and send it to me. Because she knew I would be sleeping through the whole thing…

There he was, my sweet little boy, looking over our island, having a picnic. On the popular page, the holly grail of Instagram, the most coveted position by all who care about the numbers and likes, wedged between tigers, fruit salads, designer sneakers and celebrity boobies was my little photo. My sweet insta friend Allison suggested me to Instagood as her inspiration and they reposted my photograph deeming me worthy of admiration by fellow Instagrammers. It was liked by over 11000 people and I gained many new followers. I was well chuffed.

I put my phone on charge, came downstairs, unloaded the dishwasher, made breakfast, found a Lego City video on iPad for Little J, scratched Big M’s butt for two minutes and put the kettle on.

Then I sat down and had a nice cup of tea. Like a true celebrity that I have become.


On Sunday my son informed me Big M stinks.

I agreed. The only way to resolve this situation was to brush him. You have seen my dog right?

In case you have not:

Brushing him is hard work. It takes forever and you are never done. It takes strength. Patience. Unfortunately the dog has strength and I have patience. It would be better if that was reversed. And Little J, well he has neither.

But to my surprise he suggested we go and brush the dog. Probably because his bedtime was approaching. Not that I minded.

We pinned Big M down on the back porch and each holding a detangler brush we tackled opposite sides of dog.

A while later we had two bags full of hair, three doggy treats less and a dog on the run.

Little J: Mommy I think we should do something with this hair.

Me: Not sure you can recycle dog hair.

Little J: No, we should use it to make a sweater.

Me: ?!??

Little J: You know, like llama hair.

Me: I know. But we don’t know how to spin it into yarn.

Little J: Maybe we can find someone who can. Then sell them the hair.

Me: Where would we go about looking for someone like that?

Little J: Your computer.

Me: And then?

Little J: We keep making our dog fancy. Then we sell the hair and they make sweaters. People are warm, I get new toys and my dog smells nice.

Guess that is what you call a win-win situation.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no idea how my son knew about hair, yarn and sweater making. But I found this:

Anyone needs some fur?!

Inside Big M’s head

This post is inspired by
Mama’s Losin’ It

4.) List 7 things your pet thought about today.

I love my dog. I think my dog is a superhero. No doubt he is sweet, kind and very handsome; yet humble.

I am a reasonable person too. Dogs mostly think of food and sleep and cocking up higher then the mutt next door. My dog gets fed a meal cooked for him specially every night. He naps approximately 13 hours a day and sleeps like a log the rest. Being higher then all other dogs in the neighborhood and quite possibly the entire State of Washington he has no trouble outpeeing everyone else.

Which frees up a lot of his brain capacity and therefor makes him a genius canine.

Today he was by mistake left in the house while Husband and I went to play a round of golf. This never ever happens so I believe this is what my dog thought:

1. I cannot believe Dad left me inside the house. Honestly, I weight 165 pounds!! How could he miss me?!

2. Check for survival basics: water-one bowl, plus three toilets. Kid forgot to flush his, make that two toilets. Heat is on. 68 degrees divided by 5.2 gallons. That gives me 7 hours before I overheat. I must not consume more then 1.7 gallon an hour. OMG!!!

3. The alarm is on. Let me check: good, it’s windows and doors only. I can move.

4. Well since I am home all alone, might as well put on a movie. I think a documentary about how dogs are superior to humans is in order.

5. Maybe a beer.

6. And some cold cuts.

7. Please don’t let me have to go pee, please don’t let me have to go pee, please don’t let me …