Wordless Wednesday

Banking on it

We were building a fort at the beach the other day.

Little J: Mommy I really think I am going to be a builder when I grow up.

Me: Sounds good.

Little J: But where will I get money to be one?

Me: People will pay you to build things for them.

Little J: I know that. But first I will need tools. Where do I get money for those?

Me: You will have to borrow it from a bank.

Little J: I see. They have too much?

Me: No, that is how banks make money. They lend you some when you need it and then as you make money, you return it. And pay extra for the service.

Little J: Can’t people I am building the houses for pay back my bank?

Me: Well they do, kind of. They pay you, you pay back the bank and if you are left with extra you pay yourself.

Little J: This is all very complicated. I have a better plan. I will ask daddy for money. Much easier. And I don’t have to pay him back either.

Clearly my son is following my business plan. That’s my boy!

Sunday shenanigans

It has been a while since I have published a comic. So here you go, before you start sending complaints…