Countdown to Christmas : Budsies

I love a good business idea, one that impacts the customer and brings them happiness. And this one is a winner: Budsies!

Julian brings home a lot of artwork and I love seeing his skills growing ever since he begun school. He creates a lot of things home too, be it on paper, canvas or by building Legos. The trouble is where to keep it all? I try taking a photo of most of the things before recycling it and feel bad about gashing them. But the reality is you cannot keep things forever-just don’t tell Julian, you remember his hoarding ways…

And that brings us to this little gem of a company. Budsies will turn your child’s artwork into an adorable plush toy that will stay with him forever. Move over teddy bears, here comes whatever your child has designed. Brilliant right?

As I type this Julian’s stuffed toy is being stitched by hand by someone wonderful who looked at his picture of TIE fighter and designed a creation to his exact instructions. How amazing and powerful does a child feel to hold his own art? I told you this Christmas present is a true winner.

I know Christmas is near but fear not. The reason I decided to feature this in my gift ideas series is because not only is this a great gift for your child it makes an even more fantastic gift for a parent you know. Right now you can purchase a gift certificate on their website and leave it under a Christmas tree of your loved ones. Dear grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts have you ever found a more cute and faster way to gift your favorite family members in one go? I think not. Kids get a toy, parents get a project and an OK to clean out the art drawer and you get the gift of the year award. Yep, Budsies rock.

I am excited to share with you Julian’s creation as soon as it arrives. In the mean time let me show you what his drawing was ( I actually told him to create what would be his ultimate coolest, awesomest toy to cuddle with and naturally it was a ship from StarWars). You can also CLICK HERE to browse some fantastic creations they made lately. Happy shopping!


Paint me a picture

It all begun back in the olden days, before I blogged or had a very posh camera or Instagram was even invented…

My son started painted oil paintings.

He painted one at two years old, one at three and one just before he turned four.

Last week he asked for a new canvas to complete his quadriptych ( his favorite number is four as you all know. )

As soon as it arrived he went to work.

Today we decided to hang them.

I laid them out to what I thought was the best grouping, but the artist disagreed.
And arranged them the way he wanted.

From top left, clockwise:
Mess made by a tornado (Little J, 2010)
Tornado (Little J, 2011)
Mess made by volcanic eruption (Little J, 2011)
Erupting Volcano (Little J, 2012)

I am so proud of him.
And the fact that he spend most of the evening sitting under his art work makes me think he is rather proud of himself too.

Here is all you need:

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

~~Dr. Seuss

Little White Whale