Monday Listicles

Hello summer!

We just returned from Julian’s end of year violin recital. Next week is the last week of school! Things are looking up my friends. Time to relax more and have fun. I hope.
Last week my brother in law Noah visited us and as I was typing up the listicle I asked him what we should write about this week. When he asked for top ten music videos I was like: do they still make those? I thought MTV doesn’t play music anymore ( I remember seeing an episode of 30 Rock when Liz Lemon decided to take over MTV and demand they start playing music again and bring back VJs). Anyway I grew up obsessively watching MTV Europe and I will even admit that I used to tape my favorites on a VHS to watch over and over again. Did you?

Anyways this list was surprisingly easy for me to write. Except for the part when I realized one of the videos on my list is 30 years old. How is that possible? I mean I am only 23 or something…

Next week:


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1. Sinéad O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2U

I think this video changed summer of 1991 for us all. Also I shaved my head like that later on.

2. Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

Simple idea made for a great video!

3. Madonna – Like a prayer

I remember how we waited for it’s release and how controversial it was even before it’s premiere on MTV.

4. George Michael – Freedom

The video that took music videos to a whole new level without featuring the actual artist. Also I cut my hair like Linda Evangelista immediately.

5. Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

This was our summer anthem. Also after my hair finally grew long I got inspired by her and chopped it off again.

6. Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

This was made for us teenagers to adore and daydream over.

7. Outcast – Hey Ya!

Cause it’s my favorite song ever and the video is all kinds of fun too.

8. The Stone Roses – I wanna be adored

I called the MTV hotline in London repeatedly to vote for this video to make it to top 5 at 6 and racked up a huge international charge on my grandparents phone bill. It did make it on the chart that night!

9. Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

My favorite video when I was I kid. I loved the story of it.

10. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The song, the story, the photography. My absolute favorite music video ever.

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Monday Listicles

Ups, sorry I am running a tad late.

This weekend went by with the speed of lightning. I have a few session that needed editing so I was working away and the next thing I knew: Monday is here! While I was sitting in front of Photoshop for hours I found the perfect background show. Actually Netflix found it for me ( I am worried they know me better then I know myself ). It’s called ‘An idiot abroad’. Have you seen it? Seriously I nearly fell off the chair laughing yesterday. It would definitely made my list last week. I loved reading your lists, surprised how many of us love CSI and even more surprised Gilligan’s Island made one list. Poor Stacy’s kids…

Thanks to Phoebe for this week’s listicle idea. At first I was worried about it because I don’t keep anything on my nightstand. I don’t need alarm clock because my son and dogs are in charge of that. I keep my phone in the bathroom so I don’t have any electronics next to me while I sleep. And except for a few magazines and a book I will never come around to reading I don’t keep anything by my side of the bed. But I looked at it this morning when I woke up and it was piled with stuff. So here goes my list.

Next week ( chosen by my brother-in-law Noah):


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1. Sawing kit and fishing line

I must saw a patch on Little J’s backpack before our trip. It’s his Mt Baker one.

2. Label from my new bag

I finally found a hand bag I like. It only took me a year since they broke into my minivan and stole my bag to come around to buying it.

3. Wooden boat

Blame it on the kid.

4. Silver bracelet

Gift from my friend Melveen. I love it so much I am afraid to wear it everyday. But I just wore it to a party on Thursday.

5. Legos

They are everywhere. Seriously, our house is out of control.

6. My Fuel band

I haven’t worn it in months cause I always get the same score. Around 4000 daily. So whatever.

7. 13 clocks

Julian and I read it about a month ago, one chapter a night. Such a great book. Why it’s on my nightstand a month after we finished it though?!

8. Chargers

My new iPad and iPhone have the same charger so I can easily blame these on my husband.

9. Catalogs

Not like I can afford much from Filson and Best made Co but I love flipping throughout them.

10.Old National Geographic magazines

A neighbor brings them to Julian periodically. We really love reading the old issues.

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Monday Listicles

Memorial day.

So much more then backyard BBQs and mojitos. Although those are important too. I am grateful that we live in a country that remembers the sacrifices our men and women who died while serving made and takes time to celebrate our freedom by thanking them and their families. My biggest wish is for us all to educate our children so they understand heroes are real, someone’s loved ones and taken away from us too soon. Perhaps then our future generation will take grater strides to resolve conflicts before they escalade to loss of life. Thank you for taking a moment to talk to your kids about what Memorial day is.

This time the listicle is about TV shows that we choose to watch. In my case it is mostly what my son wants to see and luckily for me he loves documentaries so all is well. But rarely when I find myself all alone on the couch, this is the list of things I will watch. And you?

Next week :

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. CSI

All these years and I still like it. I think Ted Danson is really great although Grissom will forever be missed.

2. Modern Family

Still funny. Nothing beats Frasier in my eyes but Modern Family makes me laugh too.

3. Something Netflix suggests I should watch

They are usually right. Recently they said I will love ‘Touching the void’. Spot on!

4. A great documentary

There is so many simple life stories fill my soul. Number one currently is Happy People.

5. Justified

My friend Nola got me hooked and I really like watching it with her. Normally this would not be my cup of tea but I love the dialogs and the wit. Also it’s the only ‘girly time’ I get. Gruesome crime goes very well with popcorn apparently.

6. The Mentalist

It’s not the most amazing thing ever but I enjoy flicking it on now and then. And the lead actor is rather cute.

7. Poirot

I loved that show when I was a teen and I love watching them again now that it’s available on Amazon Prime.

8. Miss Maple

Cause one cannot have enough of Agatha Christie right?

9. Downton Abbey

I have not really kept up this season but it is a lovely show to sit down to and sink in.

10. Watching grown up movies with my son

This is my new favorite past time. On the weekends we will occasionally let Julian watch a movie we have seen before with us. This week we saw ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’ and a few weeks ago it was ‘The life aquatic with Steve Zissou’. It’s fantastic to see his imagination processing these in days to follow. Any suggestions for what we might see together next?


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