Monday Listicles

Hello spring!

Is everything blooming where you are this week? Does it make you happy? My son is all grouchy because he loves miserable weather and never-ending rain. Lucky for him next week the famous Northwest rain is scheduled to make it’s appearance. Personally I am OK with spring and such but I refuse to participate in any of this spring cleaning nonsense. I have however dedicated endless hours to brushing my shedding dogs and horse in the last few days. I will tell you all about it next week… It’s rather epic!

In the mean time lets share 10 times you ‘just knew’. Thank you Robin for a great listicle idea.

Next week:

Thank you Cathy.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Skipping math classes my last year of high school.

2. All the brand new cars I bought in my 20s.

3. Saying yes when my first boyfriend proposed.

4. Saying yes when my second boyfriend’s mom proposed.

5. Saying yes when I didn’t hear what my son asked but felt bad admitting I wasn’t paying attention.

6. Saying yes when I didn’t hear what my husband asked but felt bad admitting I wasn’t paying attention.

7. 99.9% of all the impulse purchases I ever made.

8. Every time I say ‘oh I’ll remember that’ and refuse to write it down.

9. Every time I have just one more piece. That turns into two more. And so on…

10. Watching ‘Criminal minds’ before I go to sleep.

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Monday Listicles

We are so very happy.

My friend Pauline is visiting us from England and we are having such a great time. I sometimes forget how great it is to have company of family and friends. That is the biggest downside to living so far to the left side of the globe. Our loved ones rarely have the opportunity to visit us and it’s a real bummer. But not these days. We are spoiled rotten and I might just have to prevent her from getting on the plane next week.

How easy was it to come up with ten things that are not the same? Thank you Julia for great idea! According to me nothing is the same as it used to be. Also related: I am officially an old whinge.

Next week:

10 times you ‘just knew’. ( Chosen by Robin )

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Phones. How did we ever live without an iPhone?

2. Food. Unfortunately it is made less and less out of food.

3. The amazing race.

4. Gas prices.

5. My thighs.

6. Things that make you go hmmmm.

7. Blogging.

8. Math.

9. The way we communicate.

10. What makes people famous.

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Monday listicles

I am stumped. A little.

I tried to write a list of 10 Traditions Christine suggested we do this week and I couldn’t really think of any we observe at home. I am sure we do and it is some severe lack of chocolate that is causing me to blackout. In the mean time I will go back to my crazy Balkan roots because there were plenty of bizarre things that my grandparents did every year. As you read my list please bear in mind we lived in a fancy apartment building in the capitol. Yep. One year my grandma bought a live chicken at the market cause she wanted to cook fresh like farmers do. I think her and grandpa tried to slaughter it in the bathtub and after failing miserably (neither of them were farm folks growing up) they returned it alive and well. I kinda liked having chicken in the bathroom but luckily that did not become one of our family traditions.

Next week:

10 things that aren’t the same ( Chosen by Julia )

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Fermenting cabbage heads ( kiseli kupus ) in a huge barrel in our bathroom every winter.

2. Watching the 7:30 news every evening together. Can you imagine doing that as a family these days?

3. Going shopping to Austria for Persil laundry detergent, Milka chocolate and Wrigley chewing gum.

4. Fixing the car in the parking lot of our apartment building with my grandpa.

5. Going to the graveyard on 1st November and spending crazy money on candles and flowers.

6. Roasting a pig for 1st of May. It’s odd because there were only grandma, grandpa and I.

7. Family get together every 1st of January when everyone is clearly hungover which resulted in an argument of some sort.

8. Hiring a photographer to take photos of funerals of family members.

9. Beating the carpet ( which was my chore once a week ). Odd because we had a very fancy vacuum cleaner.

10. Getting a package of home made food from relatives every year. Is it even allowed to mail perishables these days?

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