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The hose

My mom always said we are not rich enough to buy cheap.

17 days ago we had new landscaping done. We are now proud owners of 14 trees, 19 bushes and 171 plants. As my son will tell you:  in order for them to grow you need soil, sun and water. Despite popular belief that it never stops raining in Pacific Northwest, August has not had any yet.

In order to give them the opportunity to thrive and as such have the best return into our landscaping investment I have been advised to soak them thoroughly every day. And to do so, Little J and I visited his favorite store, The Home Depot, to purchase a new hose. He instantly fell in love with a lovely bright blue one; because blue is his favorite color. It seemed well made and heavy duty. It also said it was tangle free. I am assuming all these lovely features were reasons it cost $40.

We are proud owners of two 50 feet garden hoses, one which is a home to our beloved little green frog, who was featured in my 365 project. We also have a posh irrigation system that came with the house. Unfortunately, it is at the moment unusable due to cracked pipe and overbooked repairman.  All these facts led me to remove the $40 hose from the shopping cart and replace it with an ugly green vinyl one costing measly $10. Little J was deeply disappointed, but after I promised him a cut from the savings, he agreed we should go cheep.

And with that commenced our daily three hour watering of all things green. Initially we did it together, but kids like mine loose interest quickly and I am again left  on my own. I put my child to sleep, put my winter jacket on ( it might not rain, but once the sun is down, it is cold around here) and stand alone in the dark, watering. It would be quite therapeutic, if it wasn’t for the guilt about wasting all this drinking water (and shoe shopping money), that consumes me. Will I be known as ignorant water waster or tree killer? 

As if all this wasn’t stressful enough, every time I move, even an inch-yes you guessed it: THE HOSE TANGLES UP. By law of nature the knot is the furthest away from me, most probably on the other side of the fence. And by straightening one knot, I create another, and another, and another. Which in return makes my hair grey and my ice cream consumption rise. A girl has to find a way to cope with this, don’t judge!

So in conclusion: my mother was stunning and perhaps because of that she never was considered wise. But apparently when it comes to consumer wisdom, she was spot on. Below graph proves beyond the shadow of doubt : when it comes to hoses you are best to buy posh. I should know.

Also I did not include the emotional damage compensation claim I am likely to file against my Husband. For no other reason then the fact that men are ultimately blamed for everything.

hose graph

Disclaimer: this post is in no way endorsed by any store, hose maker or my cities water supplier. However donations of cookies are welcome to be send directly to me, in order to assist me with emotional distress this 50 feet of green evil has caused me. Also none of the 14 trees, 19 bushes or 171 plants have been damaged in the last 17 days. Which in itself is a miracle.


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I believe in ZERO

I have been thinking a lot about charity lately. USA is a nation of helpers. Everyone is in some way or another involved in the community.

I was raised in a society where helping others is not a social event. We never had fund raisers, our parents never got involved volunteering to a certain cause. We all worked hard and paid half of our wages towards taxes. In return we were always given the best possible care and education. If anyone fell on hard times family and friends helped.

But every Christmas we bought cards printed by Unicef. Every single family back home,to this day will send a Unicef greeting. Guaranteed.

I live a very happy, healthy and comfortable life. If I was given a million dollars today I would not change a thing. Except donate it to a worthy cause. Realistically though, my life will remain the same. There will always be bills to pay, things to buy, education to provide. I doubt there will ever be an excess of money in my family. And that is OK.

I am also spending my sons first few years with him, all day every day. Out of choice and because my Husband works hard to let me have that choice. I enjoy my life and at the risk of sounding selfish, I am not willing to spend time elsewhere. You will not see me volunteering at events or training to run for a worthy cause. And that is OK.

To me right now the most important cause in life is my child. For him to grow up happy and healthy, a productive member of society who will one day make his own mark on Earth. And I dare say every mother in this world feels the same way.

I know there are so many causes worth supporting. I have been fortunate never in my life to be affected by a tragedy and to have to advocate and educate on any particular cause. As a person I am fearless, as a mother my only fear is my child dying. I am not asking you to donate. I know how hard it is to commit to this or that. All I ask is to please watch this video. To be thankful for the fact that we are bringing up our children in an environment where most basic reasons for survival are a given. And give yourselves a pat on the back. Because you care and you love. That matters. To your children and to the future of us all.

But if you happen to be in the market for greeting cards, please buy Unicef. Believe in Zero.

This post is not sponsored or endorsed by anyone. I do truly hope one day all children will be born with equal chances of survival.

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Happiness on a piece of paper

Today’s post was inspired by

prompt No5.) On a piece of paper write down something that makes you happy…take a photo of your paper and wa la…there’s your post.

Well here is the background: I was going to write about something happy and funny. I put my son to bed and the last thing he told me was I love you Mama. Before that he was very naughty and today was not great. Which is rare. But it happens.

So I chose this prompt instead. At first I wrote

my life

which is true, all day, every single day.

But if I want to be perfectly honest at this very moment what makes me happy is

ice cream

Here is to hope that boundries really do make children thrive. Otherwise there is another pint in the freezer for tomorrow.

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