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Gone today, back tomorrow

Jamie from Chosen Chaos invited me to write a letter to my 18 year old self. So I did. And if you would like to see what incredible wisdom I had to share with younger, thiner and ambitious me, click HERE.

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My job

Until recently Little J wanted to be an architect. He changed his mind and is hoping to drive a garbage truck when he grows up.

He was asking me this afternoon what exactly Daddy does.

I tried my best to explain, but we settled on going to an office and wearing a uniform.

Then it was my turn.

Little J: Mommy what is your job?

Me: I take care of you.

Little J: No, I mean like Daddy. Do you have a job too?

Me: Sure, you know what I do. You’ve come with me before to a shoot.

Little J: I don’t remember.

Me: I can give you a clue.

Little J: OK.

Me: I have two cameras.

Little J: Oh, now I know. You spend money.

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My Newfie

I often write about my dog, how popular he is and what silliness owning him brings. But I don’t think I have ever told you just how much I love spending time with him, how he has not once, not even for a moment been a burden and how much I truly care about him.

He is simply wonderful. In every possible way. And he is the only one in my life that will sit still for a photograph.

My Big M…

I love all 65 kilograms of you,
all seventy trillion hairs,
I love you more then all the grains of sand you bring into the house and all the drool you can possibly have.
I love your warmth and kindness and your willingness to obey,
how you protect my son and how you lean against me on a cold day.
Please don’t ever change. You are my Boatswain.

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Mama’s Losin’ It

2.) List the names of five dogs from your lifetime. Write about why one sparks a stronger memory to you than the others.

This is only my second dog, but here are five famous Newfoundlands that made their owners as happy as mine makes me:

Lord Byron and his beloved Boatswain.

Lewis and Clark’s Seaman.

J.M.Barrie’s Luath which Nana, Peter Pan’s dog is based on.

Jakob, main character from my favorite movie growing up, Sreca na vrvici.

Lara (President JAMES BUCHANAN), Faithful (President ULYSSES S. GRANT) and Hector ( President Rutherford RUTHERFORD B. HAYES) were three Newfoundlands residing in White House.

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