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Birthday Boy

On this day eight years ago was a Sunday. In fact it was Mother’s Day.

I was visiting our dear friends Sherry and Larry in Texas and they were making a big fuss over me because I was pregnant and it was technically my first Mother’s day. My husband was making a big fuss of me over the phone. I felt happy and special and then I got an email.

It was from Debra informing me that Jet gave birth to ten healthy pups and our baby boy we were on the waiting list for will be available for pick up in 8 weeks time.

Can you believe 8 years have past since? I still remember sleeping on the floor with Max when we first brought him home cause he missed his mommy, walking him every morning with my friend Pauline, the first time he met Julian and licked his cheek, the day we collected him from the airport as he arrived from England. I remember him protecting Julian from a dog that attack him at the park, sulking when Bruce first came to our lives and the day he finally let him snuggle with him. Max means so much to us all, more then we ever imagined.

Wishing you my sweet boy a very happy 8th Birthday and so very many more to come!


May the 4th be with you

As of this morning Julian officially announced he is not into Star Wars all that much anymore and prefers Lord of the rings.

And I learned that buying everything your child asks for while he is into something is the worst investment ever. At least Max and I have abundance of new toys to play with…


Tiny Tags – Mother’s day gift code

I have something really special for you today. Very excited to share one of my prettiest discoveries as of late!

Tiny Tags is a wonderful mom owned company offering the most precious custom made jewelry. Their unique, simple yet elegant pieces can be customized with things most significant to you. Each tag whether worn on a necklace or bracelet is sure to bring a smile to your face because it is meaningful and full of love, reminding you about the good life. And because the good life is what I am all about the owner Melissa Clayton contacted me with the idea to treat my readers with something special. This came as no surprise, her bubbly personality and her is passion for giving back is second to none. She also donates monthly to great causes mostly linked to children’s wellbeing so she is awesome in my books for sure! And she met Oprah!! Really, you need to follow her on Instagram right now to see all the pictures : CLICK HERE.

We talked about a little giveaway ( which we might do someday ) but I kind of wanted everyone to be a winner so she gave me a code just for my blog readers instead. Since Mother’s day is around the corner I felt like this is the most perfect way to celebrate. You can treat your mom, your self or leave the page open on your screen for your loved ones to see. And for all the lovely gentleman reading this your quest for the perfect gift ends here. You are welcome 😉

I wear my silver Tiny Tag which on one side bears my son’s name and on the other my dogs all the time. Make sure you share with me photos with your Tiny Tags once it arrives!


And here is the code. Happy shopping!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. It is a little something for you from fantastic connections I made online. Thank you Melissa for your kind offer for my readers. You rock!

You can follow Tiny Tags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are great about always having some fun new items and occasionally giveaways.