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Elections 2042

Until recently my six year old son wanted to be a miner. Before that there was an architect, garbage truck driver, coast guard, rigger, scientist and LEGO designer to name but a few.

But last week at the dinner table he announced he will be the President of United States.

I told him that in order to get elected he must come up with a plan on how he will run the country and keep his promises to the voters. Here are some he said he will push for:

- no guns in USA

- no bombing other countries

- no wars

- no campfires on hot days

- more swimming pools

- no throwing away stuff that can be recycled

- no alarms

- no overgrowing stuff ( I think he was talking about GMO but not sure )

- everybody to take good care of nature

- no fishing sharks and turtles

- no more over cutting the trees ( only 15 per forest )

- no polluting water

- kids to play outside unless there is a thunderstorm

After I explained to him that government makes decisions how tax money is spend he said that as a president he will make sure that money is spend on happiness, good education and making sure everyone can go to collage for only $1. Also he will only allow Navy to spend money on meetings and coffee and no weapons.

He also added he will never give up on people who did not vote for him the first time. When I asked him what he will do to make sure they vote for him during re-election he said he will be the best president ever so they will want to vote for him the second time around.

So ladies and gentleman by 2042 my son will be eligible to run for office. In the mean time if any candidates need ideas or a speech written feel free to pass by and sit down with Little J for a bit. This plan of his took five minutes flat.

Have you ever ask your kids what they would do if they were given the chance to run the country?

Parenting advice

When daddy is away TV is on play.

It has become a bit of a ritual for Little J and I. In the evening, before bedtime we snuggle up and watch a documentary. We are not really TV watchers, specially me. So I guess it feels extra special for my son to lounge on the couch tucked under a blanket with me. Because we watched some documentaries on wildlife in Alaska Netflix suggested we might like ‘Out of the wild’ series. We watched the first season where they dropped some folks off in Alaska to fend for themselves and I am pleased to report my six year old had better ideas on how to find food and shelter then most of those adults. Yesterday we finished watching the second. I am not sure how educational it is for my son to watch a show with a bunch of people struggling to survive and hike out of the wilderness of Venezuela but hey, we like it.

As they finally made it to civilization the survivors were greeted by their families and friends. Little J noticed how the tough guys were hugging their moms and he told me I will always be his mommy, no matter how old he is and how long he can survive in the wild. It made my day.

We started talking about children and he announced he will have two.

Me: Why two?

Little J: Cause it’s a fair and share number. Also they will have each other to play with so they won’t bug me like I always bug you.

Me: I like playing with you.

Little J: I know, but I will probably be too busy when I have kids.

Me: I am very busy too. But you can never be too busy you know.

Little J: Also I will not buy them more then 11 toys. I sure don’t want to spend too much time tidying them up.

Me: What are you taking about? You never tidy toys now. I clean up all the LEGOs all the time.

Little J: Exactly. No way I am doing that!

Me: Oh really? What else will you do differently with your kids?

Little J: I will make them play outside in the garden every day. So I can have some peace and quiet.

Me: I see.

Little J: And I will teach them how to survive in the wild. Just in case.

Me: In case of what?

Little J: I want to go on vacation with my wife.

Me: Well that’s what grandmas are for. I can help you with your kids so that you can go on vacation.

Little J: Nah. Cause I will come to see you on my vacation.

My grandkids might be hunting their own food in the forest but my son will be my baby forever. I love my kid.


Believe it or not Bruce, our puppy, is two months shy of his first birthday!

We have settled in so well as a family with two dogs. It is amazing to see the similarities as well as differences between our boys. Max is Bruce’s great great uncle and they are both sweet, calm and gentle. Clearly it runs in the family. Everything I taught Max when he was a puppy he has passed on to Bruce. Honestly, we never spend time training Bruce because he just follows his lead. What a ham he is too! Bruce is cheeky but so was Max at that age. Funny kind of cheeky and so delightfully awkward too. Makes us laugh all the time.

Now there is one huge difference between the boys though. Food! It is on Bruce’s mind all the time. If I was to draw a speech bubble over his head it would have a treat in it for sure. Max has never been one to perk up for treats or sniff the counters to see what’s for dinner. But Bruce! I have caught him eating pineapple slices of Julian’s snack plate. He could eat all day every day.

I get asked a lot about what our dogs eat, where they sleep, how much grooming they take and how we trained them to be so obedient. Giving advice for me has always been hard because I am shy and feel like I am coming across as know-it-all. Everything that we do has worked for us. There is no right or wrong way to pet ownership much like parenthood. There are things that are widely considered sensible and there are gray areas that it would be foolish to say that people should be ashamed for choosing the shade off. One of many things that worked for us is that we only feed our dogs daily meals and occasional treats that are served as deserts after a meal. I have never given either of them a treat as a reward for their behavior. My dogs work for love and love alone. That is not to say I wouldn’t accept payment in chocolate for my services!

Because we never really give them treats we seem to buy the same ‘desserts’ for them at the local country store all the time. That is why I was so excited to get our first PetBox earlier this month! Max and Bruce were finally going to try some new treats and be rewarded for all the picture posing they do every day.

The box itself is fab.
( I have since reused it and it holds all the grooming items on the shelf in the garage ).

Love the detailing once you open the package. Very fancy!

And now onto the goodies:

There was a selection of treats and a packet of vitamins. I have never seen any of them. Looking at ingredients they are all natural which was such a pleasant surprise. Clearly PetBox scouts the market for healthy food options for pets. As I mentioned Bruce loves his food but Max is very picky so I made him chief food tester. He loved all but the doggie vitamins which as you may suspect Bruce ate with joy. That is huge because believe it or not Max spits out all the treats from the pet stores. So treats = two thumbs up.

There was a cute duck toy that boys have been playing tug of war with for days. I must say this is the first chew toy my Newfoundlands are yet to destroy. Stuffed toys and balls usually last maximum of 7.3 minutes around here. But the duck is still in one piece! Toy = two thumbs up.

In the box was also a lavender anti itch spray that smells lovely. I am yet to use it. Probably on myself during mosquito season ;)

So this is my honest review of the PetBox: I like it. A LOT! I think the fact that it is empty says my dogs like it too. And if you are like me and hate shopping in the stores you might find this monthly service a great way to spoil your pet. I like that each item featured in the box came with a coupon and suggestion where you can buy more of the product in the future. The best bit to me was that PetBox supports pet shelters by feeding a rescued animal with each box they ship. Win win. I love when someone else does all the hard work for me so I can spend my time doing what I want.

For all you eager to give PetBox a go make sure you use “NORTHWESTMOMMY” at the checkout for a 20% OFF your first order.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. We were kindly sent a box of goodies from PetBox in exchange for an honest review of the product. I tried my best to speak for my dogs based on the fact they ate everything with what seemed like great pleasure. I did not taste any of the products myself. Although cranberry smooches looked mighty fine.