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Yodeling globally in Seattle

We were invited by Visit Seattle and Global Yodel to share our Seattle with their readers.

It was so much fun this summer walking around the Emerald city with the dogs and snapping photos of our favorite spots. To read my interview and see the photos please CLICK HERE.

PS: Huge thank you to random people around the city who were so wonderful when we asked them if we can feature them in our photos. Specially this Pedicab driver who let Max slobber all over his ride. That’s the best part about our city-awesome people we share it with!!


Back from India

We returned from our travels and slowly got back into our daily routines. My not so little J starts 1st grade tomorrow morning and I am still playing catch up both with work and on the home run.

This Sunday evening I double triple promise to return our Monday Listicles. Topic will be 10 THINGS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW. If you wrote one back in July, link it anyway. It’s never too late to read a good list!

For now I leave you with my column in this, already 15th issue of LUDIQUE MAGAZINE. I wrote about our travels in India and one of the best days of my life.

CLICK HERE to read it.

india-1-8 copy

Elections 2042

Until recently my six year old son wanted to be a miner. Before that there was an architect, garbage truck driver, coast guard, rigger, scientist and LEGO designer to name but a few.

But last week at the dinner table he announced he will be the President of United States.

I told him that in order to get elected he must come up with a plan on how he will run the country and keep his promises to the voters. Here are some he said he will push for:

– no guns in USA

– no bombing other countries

– no wars

– no campfires on hot days

– more swimming pools

– no throwing away stuff that can be recycled

– no alarms

– no overgrowing stuff ( I think he was talking about GMO but not sure )

– everybody to take good care of nature

– no fishing sharks and turtles

– no more over cutting the trees ( only 15 per forest )

– no polluting water

– kids to play outside unless there is a thunderstorm

After I explained to him that government makes decisions how tax money is spend he said that as a president he will make sure that money is spend on happiness, good education and making sure everyone can go to collage for only $1. Also he will only allow Navy to spend money on meetings and coffee and no weapons.

He also added he will never give up on people who did not vote for him the first time. When I asked him what he will do to make sure they vote for him during re-election he said he will be the best president ever so they will want to vote for him the second time around.

So ladies and gentleman by 2042 my son will be eligible to run for office. In the mean time if any candidates need ideas or a speech written feel free to pass by and sit down with Little J for a bit. This plan of his took five minutes flat.

Have you ever ask your kids what they would do if they were given the chance to run the country?