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A little bonus

We had a fantastic 4th of July.

Our neighbors came over and the total of 11 kids were having a blast all afternoon. Some of them were playing UNO and and sooner then later there were cheating accusations and calls for referees. Us moms agreed that Vegas is not for everyone and you got to be made of special cloth to play cards. But we might be wrong.

It’s summertime and vacations are not free so we are all trying to make a little extra money. When I heard of no deposit bonus blog I figured that could be my lucky break. They say that casinos are a place you loose money but online casinos can be free to play at. You can play at many online casinos for free with no deposit bonus and cash out your winnings. These days we do everything online: shopping, socializing, candy crushing, gossiping. So why not play a bit, specially if you get a casino bonus and see what happens. And unlike bickering kids playing cards you are guaranteed peace and quiet to do it the way you want.

I love playing UNO with my son although cards are not my thing. And I really love when he plays it with his friends. Seeing his happiness when he wins is priceless. I doubt he is a future gambler in the making but one thing is for sure: everyone loves the chance to win.


Some girls like to shop for shoes, some love clothes. I am mad about gadgets and photo gear.

If it wasn’t for the mistakes I made in the past which cost me a fortune I would be spending most of my income on cameras and lenses and collect vintage photo gear to fill my house with. But after working off a camera I don’t really love last summer I decided to always rent what I fancy before I commit to buying it. I am downsizing my camera bag yet I have shot with more fun cameras in the past few months then ever.

A friend introduced me to Lumoid and as soon as I googled their page I fell in love. The company is full of people you would love to grab a cup of coffee with. They are innovative and incredibly customer friendly. They have the neatest cameras all packaged in fun kits that beg to be tried and tested. I decided to give Fuji X100s a go because I have been eying it for a while not sure if it is the camera for me or not. I was really chuffed when it arrived because in the box I found everything one needs to start shooting including fully charged battery, memory card and even card reader! So it was ready for me to test it straight up.

I had fun taking photos with this little rangefinder style camera until my six year old decided he must try it and confiscated it for the next couple of days. Lumoids completely understood the significance of my photography mad kid having to test my gear and they let me keep it even longer! Everyone, including my dogs were sad when the time came and we said goodbye to Fuji but we got an email a day later offering us a great deal on the Fuji if we decide to buy it after all. Clearly this is meant to be.

There is a lot of stuff that I think is rad about Lumoid. For me I will always rent the next gadget I am dreaming of and then buy if I really like it. I also love the idea that I can have photo gear shipped to my destination, shoot while on vacation and ship it back to them before I return home. Pretty fantastic right?

For the record this is not a sponsored post! Lovely ladies at Lumoid send me the camera and were genuinely interested in my work. In fact they wrote a lovely post about me and featured some of the photos I took with the Fuji. You can read it HERE.

And then they gave me a little code for you to take $5 off your first rental too: NWM5off
See? Awesome!



Who doesn’t love spring? Weather gets warmer, nature is waking up, everything is blooming, birds are singing, bees are buzzing…

And dogs start shedding. Specifically my giant dogs. And by shedding I mean buckets full. The other day I was brushing Bruce who turned a year old few weeks ago and as a bonus decided to shed all his puppy hair too. I sat on the gravel and brushed and brushed and brushed and as the pile of hair behind me begun to tower over me I thought: let me arrange it so it looks like I got another dog in my back yard. And just as I started planning on the best Instagram photo ever a huge gust of wind lifted it up and carried it across the neighborhood. I bet my neighbors loved the hairy lawn decoration they woke up to the next day.

While my friend Pauline was visiting us last week she spend every evening holding Bruce in a headlock so I could brush his belly and tail and one particularly successful evening we managed to brush out all the dead hair and celebrated by eating a whole watermelon and extra slices of apple pie only to realize my poor dog now looks like a skunk because his undercoat is white not brown and is really showing through. Max slept through it all. Mostly because after years of torture he decided he best not grow all this extra fur because it just makes me brush him more.

Unfortunately brushing itself sometimes isn’t enough so I enlisted some help from my friend Nola who is a riding instructor and horse groomer and loves shaving things. Last week I made dinner and even served dessert and then just as she slipped into food coma I asked her to shave Bruce’s buttocks. You can always tell who your true friends are when they spend Friday night in the company of your dogs hairy behinds. Although operation shave the pup was successful and Bruce is all mat free he now looks like a skunk with naked bum. Max slept through it all. Mostly because he knows better then to fall for the good old ‘come and see what I have for you’ trick. It always ends up with someone clipped…

And before you ask, the brushing continues. The only time dogs are safe around me these days is when we go to the farm where I get to torture the shedding horse and they get a well deserved spring break. What I really wanted to do (apart from get a lot of praise from you all for persevering through these tough times) was to say THANK YOU BIG TIME to PetBox for sending us this fantastic package:

Petbox (1 of 1)

As you can see they knew what was coming because they included a Furminator and a whole lot of treats.

If you are in the midst of spring fever here is a fab little coupon to get 20% OFF your first order: NORTHWESTMOMMY .

And if you don’t really have anyone laying around that needs brushing, come on over! We got plenty of work to do.