Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I came across this amazing photographer, Sarah, and her blog.

And through her found Ashley, equally amazing.

So for once I am breaking the rule and posting this on a Sunday. Because I really want to participate in

We are given these 5 items to post:

1. Pop of Color
2. Crossing Thresholds
3. X-Ray
4. Toy
5. Hidden or Farm

To further challenge myself I will keep all five naked. These are shots straight from my camera, no editing at all.
If you are having a happy, lazy 4th of July weekend check out some other hunters HERE.


My son dropped a few of his gummy treats on the pier while I was taking a picture of him in front of a kayak.


Under our local wharf. Opening up to the ocean and endless possibilites.


Letter fridge magnets, x stands for x ray.


My son’s favorite at the moment is Buzz Lightyear.


Curious Sunny and his new field mate.