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I heart Photography Concentrate

Hi, my name is Stasha and I am cheap.

Kind of anyway. I don’t mind spending on gadgets and chocolate, but I always think that I can do things on my own when it comes to service. I have been known to highlight my hair, clean my carpets, unblock the toilet and scale my dog’s teeth. Some with better results then others. Let me just say my son is lucky he has no cavities. And I now find time to go to hairdressers every six weeks.

It is not necessarily money that I am trying to save. But since I have become a stay at home mom I try to do it all. Guilt I suppose… So when I first started learning about photography you could find me on Youtube at 3 AM watching videos of strange men talking about aperture and tutorials on how to edit brown eyes to appear more vivid.

I have come a long way since, mostly due to my insomnia and perseverance. But if I could do it all again I would start by clicking here :


then also downloading this:

super photo editing skills
and skipping a few lattes a month to pay for both tutorials. Sometimes you really do have to spend a little to save a lot.

Why? Because time is precious and if you know how to set up your camera to take photos the way you want early on, your photography journey will be so much more fun. Not to mention the time you will save by editing them efficiently.

Rob and Lauren share our passion for photography. They talk about it in a simple and easy to understand way and their love for it is contagious. Their website is packed with free advice and great blog posts about their equipment, experiences and even failures. I just really like them, that is all. And if you visit their blog you will see why.

Now for a special treat: Here is a chance for you to win an Extremely essential Camera skills tutorial (valued at $50):


To enter

leave a comment telling me which of the freebies on Photography Concentrate you simply must have right now.

If you cannot choose one, that is OK too. I downloaded them all…

For an extra entry you can tell me which of their Top 10 posts of 2011 was your favorite.

If you have done both I will let you enter again by leaving another comment. About anything you want, presumably my greatness.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review. I have purchased both these tutorials and fell in love with them without anyone twisting my arm. Lauren offered me one to give away so you all can take amazing photos just like me her. After telling everyone about how great Photo Concentrate is I became an affiliate today. Because I am a slow learner. But that is OK. In the end I just really wanted you to have as much fun taking pictures as I do.

Very official rules: Anyone can enter, as long as you are old enough to type a comment. I will close this giveaway on Tuesday, 3rd of January next year, 9PM Pacific time. Winner will be chosen by a WP plugin randomly and notified via email. Good luck.


Wanted cat

Let’s talk about a cat today. And a book.

It is no secret I am an avid reader. I read many blogs every day. The one I never miss is Motherhood In NYC. So when Marinka wrote a book I was eager to read it. Then again, sitting curled up with a novel would eat into my valuable blogging time.

Lucky for me, she wrote a children’s book. This time around anyway. Which works out great because I have a child. Who likes to read with me.

We have been reading Wanted: Catfor a week now. As always it is a lovely bonding experience. Above that I used this book to see if we share the same sense of humor. Turns out he did laugh as I read him the book, so I will continue to proudly refer to him as the apple of my eye.

I suppose this is a book review with a giveaway.

So if I was to tell you my opinion on this book I would say that it is a fun read. I would tell you I like the subtle humor that will make even an adult smile and the story parents can relate to. I would tell you how much I like funny illustrations by Peajaye that immediately get child’s attention. I would share with you that my favorite part is parents not giving in on children’s request. In fact I would go as far as to say that it is educational and character building for a young reader. I would as a mommy tell you I like the format of the book and how it fits in my bag, making it a great book to read in a waiting room or on the bus. I would recommend it without hesitation. Maybe even tell you to purchase one for a child you love.

But since my son is very opinionated I will let him review Wanted: Catinstead.

Little J, age (almost) four:

“I like it.”

“It is funny.”

“I like the children.”

“I like how they get what they ask their mom for.”

“I like the picture of them in the car.”

“I like how long it is.”

“Boy’s list is super funny. I like his painting.”

“Let’s read it again.”

So there you have it. My child’s first book review.

And now for the special surprise. Marinka will be sending one lucky reader a signed copy of Wanted: Cat. Seeing how she is a celebrity and the chosen one by Babble I expect this to be a very coveted item. So I am disregarding my usual one entry per reader and giving you the following ways to enter this one of a kind, exclusive giveaway:






5 ways to enter a giveaway, now that should tell you how much we like the book and want to share it with you!

Good luck everyone.

Before I forget, here is my disclaimer:

This giveaway is opened to all US and Canada residents who like to read. We did receive Wanted: Catas a gift, but no compensation for this post. All opinions are my own and Little J’s and we are willing to pinky swear on them. Marinka is giving a copy of the book away to one lucky winner because she is lovely like that. I will close this giveaway on Tuesday 1st of November 9PM Pacific time and notify the winner via email. The end.

Made on, tried and tested

Have you heard the one about the supermodel?

She got paid a lot of money to grace the pages of a fashion magazine and persuade me to buy a cream. This cream will make all the difference in the world to me. Mostly to my wallet. It will also work best with two other products. By the time I get used to using them all, they will stop making them. The ingredients I will not be able to pronounce, nore will the supermodel. She did not create the cream and she is more then likely not using it anyway.

I have a drawer full of creams. Mostly because before I became a mom I had a lot of time to flick through the magazines.

Have you heard about Renee?

She is a wife and a mom. She send me a little box. In the box is a lotion bar. She created and made the bar. Out of three ingredients. She uses it herself and so does her family. She even tells everybody exactly how to make a bar like that themselves.

So I used the bar. I used it on my cracked hands. On my sons delicate skin. On my horses scab. I even gave my husband the chap stick that Renee send.

The results are in and Made on products got all three votes. Little J likes applying the Jr. lotion by himself to both his cheeks and mine. Husband says he is man enough to admit publicly he loves the peppermint lip balm. I am addicted to the chocolate smell of the Au Chocolat lotion bar. I might have even contemplated taking a bite of it.

I am telling you all this today because:

I think great things can be simple and inexpensive.

I love supporting fellow moms and endorsing their ideas on how to make the world just a little bit better.

I believe if you find something you like you should tell your friends.

My bathroom drawer is finally tidy, since I can use one lotion for everything.

You heard me, there is a lotion with chocolate inside.

And because I have some to give away!!

Not just one, but two. TWO WONDERFUL 3 in 1 packs that include a family size and a pocket size Hard on lotion and a lip balm.

You can enter twice:

1. Visit MADE ON website and return to tell me which products tickle your fancy.

2. For an additional entry LIKE HARD LOTION on Facebook. Return and leave a comment telling me you did so. (Note from me: Renee shares how to make these products on Facebook so you liking her FB page is a win-win for you)

So go on, have a look for yourself. Then tell me I am right. Sometimes I really know what I am talking about.

Giveaway ends Tuesday 25th October at 9PM Pacific time. Two winners will be drawn and notified via email.

I was given above mentioned products to review and did so with pleasure. However I was not compensated for it. All opinions expressed are my own. As is my addiction to the Au Chocolate lotion bar.