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Sleep Better Chat

They say that if you really want to get your questions answered ask your child just before bedtime. Nothing is more inviting to them then a way to stall going to sleep. They will even answer beyond ‘fine’ the good old favorite ‘how was school’ question! I often find myself talking with other mothers and […]

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Summer so far

Half way into summer calls for a recap! Since the last day of school we: 1. packed out all our things to be shipped to Japan 2. packed out the rest to be stored while we relocate to Japan 3. prepared and rented out our house 4. left the island, drove across USA visiting 11 […]

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Rugs are my drugs

I totally stole that from Nez’s Instagram feed. Here’s why. I have exactly 77 hours left until huge moving trucks park in front of my house and start packing my life away. Today I was meant to organize everything because tomorrow Julian is playing violin at his end of school year recital and that really […]

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