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Road trip movie list

Many have asked me how Julian and I kept our sanity driving West coast to East coast this summer and back. I know everybody thinks being stuck in a car with kids for hours on end is terrible but I thought that was the easiest part. Finding decent food on highways is much harder then […]

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Volvo V60 Cross Country in Utah

I remember when I was my son Julian’s age, my friends and I spent lots of time imagining what our lives would be like when we grew up. It was a game we spent hours at. Even then, we had ideas of what we wanted. A house, a family, cars, jobs. While my friends had […]

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The Cabin

Today is our last day at the cabin in Upstate New York. It’s hard to believe a month has gone by so fast. This has been the most relaxing and soul filling vacation ever. We came with big plans to explore the whole of New York, from Adirondacks all the way to the coast but […]

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