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Monday Listicles

Halloween already??? Is it just me or has this year gone by with the speed of light so far? I mean we went to the local store this week and Christmas stand is set up and full of red and green and glittery things. Next thing you know all the LEGO sets will be sold […]

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The art of hoarding

My kid is a hoarderer. We have known this for awhile. He cried for two days this summer when we suggested to buy new furniture for his room and replace his bookshelf which is not actually meant to hold books but is the changing table I used to wipe his butt on when he was […]

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Monday Listicles

Confession time: I am unreasonably grumpy. To be honest I totally did it to myself. Last night I binged out on Criminal Minds and after three back to back episodes of gruesome murder and awful people that I hope don’t exist in real life I attempted to go to sleep waaaaaay past my bedtime. Obviously […]

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