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Rugs are my drugs

I totally stole that from Nez’s Instagram feed. Here’s why. I have exactly 77 hours left until huge moving trucks park in front of my house and start packing my life away. Today I was meant to organize everything because tomorrow Julian is playing violin at his end of school year recital and that really […]

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Pacifica Beauty

I stumbled upon Pacifica beauty brand last year when I searched for natural cosmetics on Google. After I ordered a few items and liked them I became a regular customer. Imagine my surprise when they contacted me asking if I would like to be their muse? Initially I thought they were going to paint me […]

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Grand d├ęchirure

I recently bought a new pair of jeans. They were not the kind I would have normally chosen but they were 70% off, the right cut and size which never go on sale, so I ordered them. They have one rip and a bunch of paint splatters which I convinced myself was going to make […]

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