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Open letter to my blog

Dear forgotten blog, I am sorry I have placed you on unpaid leave. To be honest I had every intention to keep this going, even through the summer. But then we left town and the listicle I scheduled to publish never did and then one thing led to another and I kinda realized that I […]

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A little bonus

We had a fantastic 4th of July. Our neighbors came over and the total of 11 kids were having a blast all afternoon. Some of them were playing UNO and and sooner then later there were cheating accusations and calls for referees. Us moms agreed that Vegas is not for everyone and you got to […]

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Monday Listicles

Just one more sleep! Like a little kid I am counting down the hours until our first adventure this summer. We set out to Hoh rainforest Tuesday morning and I cannot wait! I loved reading your plans for the summer last week and it really put me in the mood for a vacation. Thank you […]

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