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Countdown to Christmas : Budsies

I love a good business idea, one that impacts the customer and brings them happiness. And this one is a winner: Budsies! Julian brings home a lot of artwork and I love seeing his skills growing ever since he begun school. He creates a lot of things home too, be it on paper, canvas or […]

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Countdown to Christmas : My print

Hows this for a Christmas gift: Settle down. I am not giving away Max! As my friends will tell you I can pitch well for other people but I am terrible at self promotion. I will keep it short because I am feeling all embarrassed as I type but I figured I have gotten enough […]

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Boy flu

Yesterday I got a call from Julian’s school requesting to pick him up because he is running high fever. I rushed from the farm and as I entered the nurse’s office my poor boy looked miserable. I could tell he was hurting. As we drove home I suggested we get comfy, make a cup of […]

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