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Monday Listicles

Thanksgiving couldn’t come fast enough. It is by far my favorite holiday. Perhaps because it is the only one I did not grow up with and I took the time to learn about it and understand it as I became American. Perhaps it’s because it comes with pumpkin pie. But I really really love Thanksgiving. […]

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Countdown to Christmas : Social print Studio

We continue Christmas shopping guide with my favorite Instagram printing company : I first started printing my Instagram photos in 2012 and I have used Social Print Studio all along. My staircase is full of 4×4 prints and Julian’s room is full of 2×2 prints. They have been knocked down by kids playing and […]

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Countdown to Christmas : Photography Concentrate

As promised I will roll up my sleaves and tell you about some of my favorite picks for Christmas presents this year. These are all tried and tested by me or my family and come from small businesses that deserve your attention. It’s only fair I begin with Photography concentrate, a fantastic couple of professional […]

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