Approved by Little J

Tried and tested and given a seal of my boy’sĀ approval:

*The alphabet songs, specially Fred the Fish, Hoopervile and Kiki Kangaroo

*Iza Trapani’s book Haunted Party

*Katryn Otoshi’s book Zero

*Goose rock trail at Deception pass state park

*Bruder trucks

*Sonicare Tooth Brush-he begs me to brush his teeth more then twice a day

*Trunki, all you ever need for happy travels

*Geox sneakers-he is on his 4th pair

*Marinka and PJ’s book Wanted: Cat

*Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s book Spoon

*Riding lessons with Nola Butler

*Our local library

Disclaimer: I started this list to share with you my son’s favorites. Due to many enquires, I decided to let you know where I purchase his treasures. All images link to an Amazon store, because I believe in supporting local business. And free shipping. Should you purchase anything via these links I stand to make a small profit, which I will put in Little J’s piggy bank. Promise.
P.S. State of WA is not willing to sell state parks and libraries, hence no images.