About my good life

Pretty simple really: I live on top of West coast with my five year old son Julian( lets refer to him Little J), six year old Newfoundland Max (from now to be known as Big M) and a lovely husband (lets not mention him all that much). Our island is one big playground and there are adventures galore. We hang out all day everyday apart from a few hours little J spends with his buddies at pre-school. That’s when I saddle up a horse called Vizon.

Not a moment passes that I am not amazed how good I have it. So I figured I’ll share it since these days we like to complain and I try not to. I will tell you all about what we do and maybe inspire you to do the same. I will tell you about what made me laugh and perhaps you will find it funny too. I will tell you what makes me happy and maybe it will cheer you up too.I will moan sometimes and you can remind ┬áme I have no reason to.

Thank you for joining me, let the fun begin!

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