Summer so far

Half way into summer calls for a recap!

Since the last day of school we:

1. packed out all our things to be shipped to Japan

2. packed out the rest to be stored while we relocate to Japan

3. prepared and rented out our house

4. left the island, drove across USA visiting 11 states along the way ( and wrote all about it HERE )

5. settled into a little cabin Upstate NY for the rest of the summer

6. said goodbye to friends way too often

7. had Max and Bruce groomed twice

8. Facetimed with daddy ( who crossed the equator two times already ) twice

9. took many photos but not nearly enough

10. and since it is 10 minutes past midnight I can declare this a Monday Listicle! Now that’s something!!!


8 thoughts on “Summer so far”

  1. What?! You’re in upstate NY and didn’t contact me?! Well, it looks like you’ve been very busy and need some quiet time. Now we’re in Maine for a month – but I do want to meet you one of these days! Xox

  2. Twitter: gatheringgraces
    What the what?! You’re moving to Japan?! When did that happen???
    So sorry I haven’t been by in a long while, but I definitely look forward to hearing about your new adventures! Please do blog about them soon!

  3. Hi Stasha- We have two beautiful Newfies that we adore! Absolutely love your photos. Any chance you could share where/ or breeder name for you beautiful Newfies? Have a wonderful adventure! Sherri Smith

  4. Thank you for sharing your stunning photos!
    Are the dogs joining you in Japan? May I ask how they will travel?
    As the owner of two newfs, I’m curious!

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