Rugs are my drugs

I totally stole that from Nez’s Instagram feed.

Here’s why. I have exactly 77 hours left until huge moving trucks park in front of my house and start packing my life away. Today I was meant to organize everything because tomorrow Julian is playing violin at his end of school year recital and that really leaves me less then 48 hours to get everything sorted. Clearly I am running out of time.

Naturally what I chose to do today instead is get a new rug. I love rugs. I am obsessed with rugs. I would cover my floors with them and then cover rugs with more rugs. In fact if it was up to me my whole house would be full of nothing but rugs, art, chocolate and cheese. I was introduced to Nez’s beautiful online store via Instagram and I have officially clocked one full 8 hour shift staring at the rugs, trying to decide which one to order.

Finally I thought, how about I ask you? Clearly I am nowhere closer to choosing and I must go to bed so here are my favorites:

Also this pillow:

Am I right??? Stunning.

Before you ask this is me narrowing down to favorites. Because really I could just have them all. I hope Mrs. Kaya doesn’t mind me displaying her Instagram pictures. It is for the sole purpose of you helping me choose my new carpet. I need to know by Monday so it can arrive here on time for the movers to load it on the truck!!! Help!

Vote here:

Which rug should I get?

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  1. Iza Trapani-Hare June 21, 2015 at 05:14 #

    You’re moving! Same area or someplace far away? Wherever it is, you will make it a beautiful home (with rugs galore) and continue living the good life! Lots of luck and love. xo

    • Stasha June 21, 2015 at 08:40 #

      Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Thank you my friend. Jason accepted postin in Japan so we are packing up to join him. I will travel around the states during summer until the date for dogs to be shipped arrives and then we are off. It will be and venture for sure
      Stasha recently posted..Rugs are my drugs

  2. Iza Trapani-Hare June 22, 2015 at 10:59 #

    We have friends who moved to Japan and they love it! Definitely an exciting adventure. Have fun and keep in touch! xox

  3. Elias June 26, 2015 at 11:17 #

    I can see why you have problem choosing the right rug. They are all beautiful. My choice is #1 though.

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