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Beyond traveling, sharing the great outdoors with my family and all our adventures my favorite thing about camping is time. The sheer abundance of it. How slowly sun rises in the morning if you take the time to watch it, how long it takes for kettle to boil on open fire, how hard I try to make the morning cuppa last. Everything seems to be in slow motion yet every single minute is lived to it’s fullest and managed well. There is no wasting time when you are living in the wilderness yet days seem longer.

On one of these mornings on our last camping trip, as I was sipping coffee I logged in to check my mail and received an invitation from JORD to review a watch. I was torn because the last thing on my mind was to keep track of time just as I settled into a routine where hours and days did not seem to matter. But as curiosity would have it I clicked on the link. It was love at first sight. All watches are made out of wood. Light. Stylish. Timeless. So of course I had to have one.

I looked around the shop but it was impossible to choose so I let them surprise me.


Two days later Ely arrived.


This watch is so Pacific Northwest! Love that it is made of wood, yet so light and comfortable to wear. I would say it is half the weight of my metal watch. The dark wood and black combination matches everything and I love that it has no numbers on. Well except for the date. Which let’s be honest I never know which one it is so double bonus!


After having it for a few weeks I decided that I love how this is the first watch I have ever had that I can completely forget that I am wearing. Because in these everyday moments as I obsess with time, worry about running late for school, violin, dinner, bedtime, work, anything and everything I must keep track of time. Yet looking at my new wood watch and feeling it’s lightness it reminds me that soon the days of camping and the luxury of not thinking about time will return soon.



For your chance to win an ELY of your own leave a comment bellow and tell me which JORD watch tickles your fancy.


Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review. I was offered a watch in exchange for my honest opinion. And I honestly like it a lot!

Very official rules: Anyone can enter, as long as you are old enough to type a comment. I will close this giveaway on Saturday, 17th of May, 4PM Pacific time. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Good luck.

74 thoughts on “Time keeper”

  1. I like the Ely in maple and they should have given you a watch for reviewing their product. It’s free advertising.for them. Just saying 🙂

  2. The black 746 SERIES takes the cake, hands down, for the most stunning watch.

  3. I like the black Fieldcrest… but really any of their watches would be a treat.

  4. I Love the ely watch in maple.I love the easy to read faces on the jord collection!

  5. ELY in Maple…Hey …my bassoon is made from maple…the watch matches!!

  6. I actually have the Sully in green and maple that I adore, but I love love love the 746.

  7. I love the 746 in black! What a stunning watch! Would look awesome on my husband as he is walking our two newfies!

  8. That watch that you picked looks great and I think I would like it with a red watch face but really, anything from the collection would be an honor to have. Thanks!

  9. I love the Black Fieldcrest! As a PNW native, like you, it reminds me of the Evergreen trees and how great it would look contrasted. The watch would look great in sauntering the woods.

  10. I love the Ely in Maple! Wood watches are so unique, definitely something you don’t see every day!

  11. The Ely in cherry is my favorite. A wood watch would cause double takes everywhere. I don’t often wear watches because they are too heavy. Being made of wood, this watch would allow me to have time on my side without constantly annoying me. The Ely watch is elegant. It’s circular watch face pairs beautifully with the curves in the grain of the wood. And cherry wood has always been one of my favorites. It is a beautiful wood that smells wonderful when freshly cut. The cherry wood Ely would compliment any skin tone. It is a truly stunning watch. I hope I can get one.

  12. The Ely in Maple. Love the look and style of the entire collection though. Awesome!

  13. Beautiful watches , so hard to choose a favorite! Ely Natural green and maple or
    Eli cherry would be my top picks .

  14. The ELY is amazing! Also a fan of the more manly Fieldcrest series. This would be Amazing to win this generous Giveaway! I totally want one for me;) but my brother’s birthday is today!, he has such a love for the PNW, and he’s getting married next month… These handsome watches are his style to a T. 🙂 It’d be the perfect touch for the groom to wear on his rustic woodsy wedding day. *fingers & toes crossed* I may have to get us both one regardless . Thank you for introducing me to JORD wooden watches, @northwestmommy:). They’re Awesome! You’re Awesome! Max’s face wearing the ELY is pretty Awesome, too! Happy Friday! -@thewho82

  15. I am beyond obsessed with watches and these Jord watches are stunning! I can decide between the Delmar and the 746 series, they are both beautiful! I hope i win!!!

  16. Fieldcrest in Black is my favorite. I love the look of the wood. I absolutely love how it reminds me of nature & the outdoors. It is beautiful. Thanks for introduction to such a great product.

  17. I saw this first on your Instagram feed. Winning a quality watch made of wood, would be timely as I too have lost track of the date and time most of time. 😉


  18. The Delmar Blue and the Cherry&Black 746 look beautiful. The craftmanship looks great. Wonder if they feel as great as they look. Great find!

  19. I absolutely love the 746 Series. Esoecially the one in dark wood. I’d probably be the first Mumbaikar to own a Jorg if I won this 🙂

  20. OHHHHHHhhhhhh……they are ALL awesome! But since I live in Arizona (use to live in Oak Harbor, WA!!), I would have to pick the ELY Light Maple. I could definitely rock that watch on my 61 yr. old tanned wrist!! LOL!

  21. I love the light color of the Ely in Maple or the Darkness of the Fieldcrest in green

  22. I absolutely love the Delmar Red. It is such a bold red and really makes the watch stand out!

  23. I love them all! But the Sully in Cherry and Maple caught my eye. I must say that Max looks good with a watch for nap time.

  24. Wow you are so right. This is such a cool and modern chic product. I really like the fieldcrest maple. It looks like something I could wear everyday and I love the light colour of the wood. It’s really quite unique.

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