Monday Listicles

This is the fastest turnaround on a Monday ever. Officially.

In the past week I have taken over 2000 photos, ran late at least twice, brushed out seven bags of hair, allowed my son to sleep in my bed three times, had two iced coffees and drove off the island four times. But the highlight of this fantastic week has been seeing my son run across the finish line of his first ever 1k race at the Whidbey marathon this morning. I cried. Because well, one would right? Is doesn’t get much cutter then a bunch of kids running with all they got passing the marathoners in a mad dash for the finish line. Julian was so proud of himself that he overtook some adults I did not have the heart to tell him that they were on the last few yards of their 26 plus miles. So he will forever remember this Sunday as the day he ran faster then super awesome adults. It is so great to be a kid.

So far I am loving this spring. You? Tell me all about!

Next week:


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*For your viewing pleasure click on the photos to supersize them.*

1. Testing new Fuji X100S curtesy of the lovely friends at Lumoid.

2. Stevens pass during spring break.

3. Setting up camp in Utah.

4. Snow day at the campsite.

5. Arches national park.

6. Sand dunes, Moab.

7. Spring in our neighborhood.

8. Salt flats, Utah.

9.Tulip fields.

10. Julian crossing the finish line.

10 thoughts on “Monday Listicles”

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      I use a $5 Hartz dog rake. And a furminator . If they mat up I have a mat rake that breaks it apart enough to brush it through. There is a lot of fancy stuff out there but nothing beats muscle work when it comes to newfies, how old is your puppy?

      1. She’s 7 months old and growing fast! Her name is Arya and we live on Whidbey as well..I think you and Michael talked a bit on instagram about her 🙂 Thanks for the brush advice!

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