Countdown to Christmas : My print

Hows this for a Christmas gift:


Settle down. I am not giving away Max!

As my friends will tell you I can pitch well for other people but I am terrible at self promotion. I will keep it short because I am feeling all embarrassed as I type but I figured I have gotten enough emails from all over the world asking me to please print what appears to be everyone’s favorite Instagram photo of mine. So here goes:

This is an 8×8 art print titled ‘Best Friends’. It is printed in Texas by a fantastic printing company on a archival rag paper, signed and numbered by me as part of a 50 copies limited addition. You can order it by emailing me at [email protected] . I will ship it to you in exchange for $40 to cover my cost and I promise I will donate a portion of that to our local Animal shelter WAIF ( which if you are from Whidbey is a great place to shop for super cool vintage stuff). Thank you xo

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