Yodeling globally in Seattle

We were invited by Visit Seattle and Global Yodel to share our Seattle with their readers.

It was so much fun this summer walking around the Emerald city with the dogs and snapping photos of our favorite spots. To read my interview and see the photos please CLICK HERE.

PS: Huge thank you to random people around the city who were so wonderful when we asked them if we can feature them in our photos. Specially this Pedicab driver who let Max slobber all over his ride. That’s the best part about our city-awesome people we share it with!!


Monday Listicles

Hi there!

Sorry I am running a little late. Last week was one of the best ones yet-ever! My dear friend Lily Rose stopped by on her world travels and we had so much fun 24 hours in the day just weren’t enough. If you ever feel like having your morning coffee with a side of awesome you should visit her blog. I don’t think she has been in one spot for long in years and she makes traveling look like so much fun. Also my boys adore her. SO clearly she is good people!

I could not decide on just 10 favorite things about Autumn because I love it so I wrote first ten that came to mind. Let’s see what you got!

Next week:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Colors

2. Warm beverages

3. Sweaters and cardigans

4. Weather

5. Socks

6. Chestnuts

7. Fog

8. Reading books under a warm blanket

9. Hanging out with friends
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10. The best thing about Autumn is…everything

Monday Listicles

You all are awesome!

Thanks for coming back to the listicles after the summer break. It was so much fun reading your hashtags, I was laughing on the floor in my closet one evening and I haven’t done that in ages. Feels good to be back to blogging!

Little J lost his first tooth on Friday and what a project this was. I will sit down and tell you all about it soon, it might turn into quite a novel! That kid I tell you, one in a million…
Since he started first grade and is in school for hours I have had a lot of alone time and I am really baffled by how little is on my mind. I used to think that I don’t get any thoughts to myself since I was always with Julian but it turns out my mind is preoccupied with the most irrelevant stuff ever that serves no purpose whatsoever but to keep me busy. And before you ask, it’s not sex. I wish! It’s things like: I wonder what that seagull is thinking and if he can see my roots from up there, maybe I should make an appointment soon but I bet Leslie is fully booked, oh I loved her wedding photos, wish more brides would get married in the fall and how come I always get booked for summer weddings when the sun is strongest and the natural light sucks, oh let me check what time is the sunset so I can confirm the times for my Saturday photo session, wait wheres my phone? Oh, other pocket, don’t panic. Oh look, someone like my Facebook post. Oh, it’s Lola. I haven’t seen her since 8th grade. Now her hair looks great! Wait what she has three kids now? Must be why her hair is so full bodied. Speaking of full bodied, I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast…

In other news apparently summer bid it’s farewell and Pumpkin spice latte is back so I guess we just have to do this next week:


Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Cheese

2. Chocolate

3. All the things I have to do

4. If my son is learning enough

5. What’s next

6. Things that make no sense at all

7. What am I forgetting?

8. Time

9. How to decorate my imaginary cabin in the mountains

10. Absolutely nothing at all