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Trendy casual

My kid is cool. Like really cool.

If you have been around long enough you must remember the pink debate. It seems that shopping for school really brings out the fashionista in him. Over the years I have learned to shop online only. That way I can control what I show Little J for approval before I click confirmed, so we don’t end up with a pigmy goat for a pet and enough LEGOs to build a barn for it.

A few weeks ago we took Sophie, our guest from China for a stroll downtown Port Townsend and a little shopping spree. While browsing the quaint little shops on High Street we found ourselves in an art gallery. Little J liked a few paintings and a fire extinguisher. Paintings were expensive and the gallery owner insisted she must keep the extinguisher for safety so my son started admiring hand made silver jewelry. He asked if he can try on some rings so I checked with the sales lady. She proceeded to tell me that they look great if you stack a few together. Clearly she did not expect that her customer was my five year old.

Lucky for him there was a little silver band that fit him just right so he asked for the bill and the name of the artist and bought himself his first piece of jewelry. In his defense this was the first time he chose to spend my money on something he can potentially pawn. He is growing up so fast….

He wears the ring on his index finger like royalty. According to ehow, a ring on the index finger tend to emphasize personal attributes such as leadership, executive ability, ambition, and self-confidence. Obviously.

To top this up nicely he saw me buying his school clothes on sale today and quickly negotiated a pair of red skinny jeans. Lock up your girls dear friends, my boy is coming to a kindergarden near you this fall!

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Wordless Wednesday

Do not download.

Featuring Julian @northwestson, Joey @specific_islander and Norm The Pug, owned by Jeremy @jermzlee.

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Monday Listicles

Here we go again. Monday fun day.

I just completed back to school shopping. For my son, not me. Although I was tempted to buy myself a new backpack since I would actually be the one going BACK to school. Then I realized that dropping your kid off doesn’t count as going to school and further more does not require a backpack. So I kept it in my shopping cart just in case. That’s right, I did not actually leave my house during this incredibly exhausting shopping ordeal. Does anyone still do that?!? Cause that’s why Amazon was invented you know…

Anyhow, all is well that ends well and this week my husband ( who also the official sponsor of the above mentioned shopping spree ) decided we should write a list about food. I rewarded him with the opportunity to write his own and have it published while I shoe shop. So this list is entirely brought to you by my spousal unit.

Next week 10 ‘OH NO YOU DIDN’T’ MOMENTS. Let’s make each other laugh!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Home made pasta sauce (it’s the sauce that makes the pasta)

2. Grilled pork chops with mashed potatoes

3. Colombian chicken potato soup

4. Home made lasagna (extra bonus… Reheated for lunch the next day)

5. Pizza from our local Italian restaurant

6. Poached eggs with toasted muffins and caramelized Pancetta

7. A Sunday Roast with roasted vegetables and Yorkshire pudding

8. Ravioli with Brussels sprouts and bacon

9. Grilled Salmon with brown rice and steamed vegetables

10. Paella

Zero (before the #1) Brinner (breakfast at dinner time)!

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