Monday Listicles

Hello February!

Big welcome to new NFL champions and the pink and red invasion that is Valentine’s. To longer days and promise of spring. And to my friends who wrote a list and came over to share it. HI!!!

This week we are sharing what is in our handbag. Don’t blame me, it was Ducky’s idea. I never use my purse, it is permanently stuck on the back seat of my van. So I brought it in the house and emptied it. I found exactly 10 things inside. Hope your lists are more entertaining then mine.

Before I tell you all about next week’s topic I wanted to say thank you to Wendy who suggested the topic for listicles last week and you all for sharing what you wished to become when you were growing up. That was fun, right?

Since next listicles fall on Monday before Valentine’s I thought we should do a list of 10 “OH NO YOU DIDN’T” GIFTS. Make it easy on our partners. Kinda like a friendly guide of what not to give your Valentine. See, not only are Listicles fun and educational, they keep your relationship a happy one. Not related to testicles…

OK, show me what you log around!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Wallet

2. Perfume

3. Sun screen

4. Phone lens

5. Lip glosses

6. Hair bands

7. Foldable shopping bag

8. Make up pouch (with more lip glosses)

9. Organizer

10. George from Peppa Pig ( who used to entertain Little J when he was fussing as a toddler. Shows when was the last time I cleaned out my bag).

PS I never actually wear lip gloss!

34 thoughts on “Monday Listicles”

  1. Twitter: rorybore
    sorry I missed ya last week – the day kinda got away from me
    But I am back…and slightly shamefaced that you actually only have 10 items in your purse. your 1 purse. I have 3…and they are all a nightmare. I choose the least scary one….spoiler: there’s a scrunchie!! eeek!
    Rorybore recently posted..Monday Listicles: Whatz in da Bag?

  2. Twitter: JenAnnHall
    If you don’t actually carry your purse, does that mean you’re a pocket kinda girl? Or bra? I mean, one must have a debit card and keys to carry at least, right? And what about latte money??
    just JENNIFER recently posted..Purse Parts

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Car keys in my pocket, purse locked in the car. Starbucks app for paying the coffee at drive thru. Always without ID on me for which I know my husband would kill me if he knew.but I figure as long as I have my phone on me, I can find a way to be identified…

  3. Twitter: stampingrules
    Totally love this Listicle! I don’t keep lipgloss anywhere but in the car now. I’m not gonna wear it at home, but if I find myself somewhere with a completely makeupless face (and it should not be), then I bust into my stash of car lipgloss for minimal help. And I don’t lose as many this way!
    Wendy Coffman recently posted..10 Things in my purse

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