Monday Listicles

Hard to believe a week has past. Whoa!

I have resolved to no resolutions and you all made my week with fabulous lists of things you are not changing this year. I mean great, GrEAT, GREAT!! Thank you so much for celebrating with me the lovely lives we have. 2013, bring it on!

Speaking of bringing it on, I want to see your movie lists this week. As you know Ally, from Just a normal mom gave us a great Listicles idea: 10 BEST MOVIE QUOTES. Or ten best movie moments. Or ten something movies.
There are many films I love. Unfortunately I could not think of anything beyond Casablanca’s ‘This is a beginning of a beautiful friendship’. Guess words just don’t stick with me. But images do, so I give you some of my visually favorite movies.

Next week the mission, should you chose to accept it, is to list 10 THIGS IN YOUR CLOSET. Anything goes. If you are brave, post photos too. Promise not to call fashion police on you. Let me see those yoga pants baby!!

But first, quote away…

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. The Piano

Jane Campion told the story with incredible camera work rather then abundance of words. Love everything about this movie.

2. Babies

This movie is a feast for the eyes, the heart and an eye opener for every modern mom.

3. Amelie

Not only is this one of the most darling movies ever filmed, I love the look of it!

4. The Last Emperor

Stunning movie to watch, little emperor running through the yellow silk curtain is one of my favorite moments in film.

5. Rear Window

This is so well shot. I know Hitchcock was an amazing storyteller but I love how he used camera and framed his movies.

6. Out of Africa

Just beautiful to watch. And one of the best love stories on film too.

7. Seven years in Tibet

I have a love affair with the Himalayas anyway. Also it is visually beautiful ( and I am not talking about Brad Pitt).

8. The Kite Runner

I love Irani movies. This one has amazing imagery on top of their usual incredible script.

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Come on, the first two minutes of this movie! I could hang each and every frame on my wall.

10. The Tiger and The Snow

One of my favorite movies, by my favorite actor. I like how he directs the frames. And even if I did say I am not one for quotes, this is my favorite line ever filmed. Watch it please!

44 thoughts on “Monday Listicles”

  1. Twitter: spokesmama
    Great list! I’ve seen most of those & they are all gorgeous. Need to see Babies soon. I’ve never actually seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s either. Looking forward to everybody’s lists this week!

  2. Twitter: rorybore
    Oh Love, Adore, how you did this! And such great pics too. I haven’t seen the Babies one yet – but it is on my list. Or #10…..but Hitchcock and Breakfast at Tiffany’s are fantastic choices. Especially the opening sequence… beautiful.
    Rorybore recently posted..Monday Listicles: Movie Quotes

  3. Twitter: new2two
    Holy above and beyond. I thought about doing video but I’m not a great blogger and these tech things scare me. haha! Breakfast at Tiffanys! Oh love

  4. Twitter: southmainmuse
    I saw The Last Emperor went it came out so many years ago. I was amazing. I bet with your eye through the lens — you would be a natural cinematographer. And Audrey Hepburn. Nothing more wonderful than Holly Golightly.
    Jamie@SouthMainMuse recently posted..So Very Flannery.

  5. ooooh rear window!!!! One of the first Alfred Hitchcock movies I ever saw and the whole reason I will never watch the Birds or Psycho…that one was enough for me!

  6. Twitter: pammlofton
    Amelie is a favorite movie of the lovelies. So is Breakfast at Tiffanys! I totally forgot about that one. The Piano…I have a close friend who is the wife of a pastor downtown Charleston. She went to see The Piano with one of the members of our church soon after they arrived there. They still talk about how both of them were freaking out inside and too afraid to say anything during the movie! It’s a much funnier story when my crazy friend tells it though. LOL
    Pam recently posted..Quotable List of 10

  7. Twitter: MissMarinaStar
    I’M BACK! We’ll I’m here, anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Of course you would chose the most visually stimulating movies. Amelie would be one of my picks as well. And I will definitely have to check out Babies since I seem to have missed that somehow!
    Miss Marina Star recently posted..Say It Again

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